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A beanstalkd (distributed task queue) clone in clojure

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clojalk Build Status

A distributed task queue written pure in clojure. A Beanstalkd clone.



Clojalk is still in development so we don't have a stable release package. To use clojalk, you should checkout the code base and build it by yourself. Be sure you have leiningen installed.

git clone
cd clojalk
lein uberjar clojalk.jar

To start a clojalk server:

java -jar clojalk.jar []

Clojalk will load a property file "" from current working directory if you don't specify a custom file path from command line.

Also you can start clojalk from code base with lein. This is only for test purpose:

lein run


Clojalk is almost fully compatible with Beanstalkd's protocol. So you can refer to the protocol document of Beanstalkd which also works with clojalk.

Commands supported by clojalk are listed here.

Tube operations:

  • watch
  • use
  • ignore
  • pause-tube

Job life-cycle operations:

  • put
  • reserve
  • reserve-with-timeout
  • delete
  • release
  • bury
  • kick
  • touch

Monitoring commands:

  • stats
  • stats-job
  • stats-tube
  • list-tubes-watched
  • list-tube-used
  • list-tubes
  • peek
  • peek-ready
  • peek-delayed
  • peek-buried


The clojure client beanstalk is forked and maintained by me, which works with clojalk and beanstalkd.


Copyright (C) 2011 Sun Ning

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure uses.

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