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Java dependency management for Jython
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Jip is the jython equivalent of pip to python. It will resolve dependencies and download jars for your jython environment.


jip itself is distributed under the license of GNU General Public License, Version 3.


jip is required to run within virtualenv, which is a best practice for python/jython developers to created a standalone, portable environment.

Create virtualenv with jython:

virtualenv -p /usr/local/bin/jython jython-env

Activate the shell environment:

cd jython-dev
source bin/activate

Download and install jip with pip:

pip install jip


Install a Java package

jip will resolve dependencies and download jars from maven repositories. You can install a Java package just like what you do python with pip:

jip install <groupId>:<artifactId>:<version>

Take spring as example:

jip install org.springframework:spring-core:3.0.5.RELEASE

Resolve dependencies defined in a pom

jip allows you to define dependencies in a maven pom file, which is more maintainable than typing install command one by one:

jip resolve pom.xml

Resolve dependencies for an artifact

With jip, you can resolve and download all dependencies of an artifact, without grab the artifact itself (whenever the artifact is downloadable, for example, just a plain pom). This is especially useful when you are about to setup an environment for an artifact. Also, java dependencies for a jython package is defined in this way.

jip install-dependencies info.sunng.gefr:gefr:0.2-SNAPSHOT

Update snapshot artifact

You can use update command to find and download a new deployed snapshot:

jip update info.sunng.bason:bason-annotation:0.1-SNAPSHOT

Run jython with installed java packages in path

Another script jython-all is shipped with jip. To run jython with Java packages included in path, just use jython-all instead of jython


jip clean will remove everything you downloaded, be careful to use it.


You can configure custom maven repository with a dot file, jip will search configurations in the following order:

  1. $VIRTUAL_ENV/.jip, your virtual environment home
  2. $HOME/.jip, your home

Here is an example:




Be careful that the .jip file will overwrite default settings, so you must include default local and central repository explicitly. jip will skip repositories once it finds package matches the maven coordinator.

From 0.4, you can also define repositories in pom.xml if you use the resolve command. jip will add these custom repositories with highest priority.

Distribution helpers

From 0.4, you can use jip in your to simplify jython source package distribution. Create pom.xml in the same directory with Fill it with your Java dependencies in standard maven way. You can also define custom repositories in pom. Here is an example:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""






And in your, use the jip setup wrapper instead of the one provided by setuptools or distutils

from jip.dist import setup


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