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# lein-control

A leiningen plugin for clojure-control.


From clojure-control 0.2.3, the lein plugin has been merged into the toolkit. So this project is no longer maintained.
To install the plugin, just run:

    lein plugin install control 0.2.3

or add control to your dev-depenendencies"

    :dev-dependencies [[control "0.2.3"]]

## Usage

Generate a sample control file with:

    lein control init

There will be a `control.clj` in your project home.

To define a custom control file, you have to specify the path to it in 
your project.clj

    :control {:control-file "YOUR-FILE-NAME"}

You can also find a sample control file in clojure-control project.
But there are some differences for lein-control:

* you don't have to add any (ns) (require) for lein-control
* you SHOULD NOT add (begin) in this file, lein-control will add it for you.

Check your cluster configuration:

    lein control show your-cluster

Now, you can run your task with:

    lein control run your-cluster your-task [args...]

## License

Copyright (C) 2011 Sun Ning <classicning@gmail.com>

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.