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Geohash library for nodejs.


npm install ngeohash


var geohash = require('geohash');
sys.puts(geohash.encode(37.8324, 112.5584));
// prints ww8p1r4t8
var latlon = geohash.decode('ww8p1r4t8');

geohash.encode (latitude, longitude, precision=9)

Encode a pair of latitude and longitude into geohash. The third argument is optional, you can specify a length of this hash string, which also affect on the precision of the geohash.

geohash.decode (hashstring)

Decode a hash string into pair of latitude and longitude. A javascript object is returned with key latitude and longitude.

geohash.neighbor (hashstring, direction)

Find neighbor of a geohash string in certain direction. Direction is a two-element array, i.e. [1,0] means north, [-1,-1] means southwest.

geohash.decode_bbox (hashstring)

Decode hashstring into a bound box matches it. Data returned in a four-element array: [minlat, minlon, maxlat, maxlon]

About Geohash

Check Wikipedia for more information.

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