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According to this thread, strange things happened to the GRAMPS Subversion repository, and it's got a new UUID. This results in a totally new Git history, as the SHA1 checksums will change. In other words, the whole Git repository has to be regenerated and all clones will come out of sync. Some good things, though: Now we'll get the whole history from r1, no need to start at r15000 anymore.

The purpose of this project is to create a conversion script to convert the existing GRAMPS Subversion repository to Git. There's a converted Git repo at https://github.com/sunny256/gramps, but it starts at r15000 due to some strange svn history. I want to do it properly, so this repository contains the (soon to be) conversion scripts on the master branch, and the GRAMPS svn repo at the svnrepo branch.

Be warned: Because this repository contains the whole GRAMPS Subversion repository, a standard clone is around 300 megabytes.

Necessary software

To make these scripts work, the following software is necessary. Text in parentheses are the version or software the current files are tested or created with.

  • Git (Compiled from newest master branch from git.git)
  • Subversion (v1.6.6, r40053)
  • Perl (v5.10.1)
  • bash (v4.1.5)
  • Some kind of POSIX-compliant system (Linux)
  • xmllint (libxml version 20706)


  • 2012-08-29 05:13+0200
    • It looks as the conversion is OK, at least there's no difference in file contents from the old Git repo which started on r15000. Will do some more thorough comparisons against the Svn repository and update authors.txt properly.
    • Identical to trunk r20280.

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