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THANKS.txt : taking a moment to be grateful...
: 2012/03/19 :
- Big thanks to stevenschlansker@ for submitting a bug in the
HashFile2 multiIterator code. We appreciate it!
: 2010/05/01 :
- Big thanks to Tatu Saloranta for performance enhancements to the Jenkins and
Murmur hash implementations. You ROCK!
: 2010/04/30 :
- Thanks to DJ Bernstein for creating the original CDB, and to
Michael Alyn Miller for a trusty implementation in java (sg-cdb).
Hopefully HashFile is worthy of this legacy!
: 2010/04/01 :
- Thanks to Jon Ellis of the Cassandra Project for providing a great blog
entry on hash functions, leading me to look at the Murmur hash in more
detail. Thanks to Austin Appleby and Andrzej Bialecki for their work on the
Murmur hash in C and Java, respectively.
- Thanks to Bob Jenkins for creating an outstanding 64-bit hash function.