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St9 Log Analysis Tool, version 0.1


  • gem install (json, sinatra, redis)
  • Chrome with a good json view plugin (such as JSONview)


  • Make sure your local redis instance is running, and that it's ok to blow away db 10
  • Find some st9 logs somewhere (they generally have a name like jetty-hostname-2012_02_14.request.log)
  • ruby process.rb jetty-hostname-2012_02_14.request.log jetty-hostname-2012_02_15.request.log ...
  • ruby application.rb
  • open a chrome browser window to http://localhost:4567/by_count
  • click on show_more links to see more details


  • http://localhost:4567/by_time is a view of requests by aggregate time (note, doesn't include client-perceived latency)
  • http://localhost:4567/by_size is a view of requests by aggregate size
  • add &s=start_offset url parameter to page through the urls
  • add &n=page_size url parameter to see more results