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We moved.

Share Buttons has been rebranded as socialshares and exists under socialshares/buttons.

This repo and the share-buttons Bower package will remain up for reference, but will no longer receive updates.

Share Buttons

Share Buttons is a project that aims to speed up the web by removing the need for Twitter's, Facebook's, or Google+'s external JavaScript that developers copy-and-paste into their web pages.

The solution is that these social services provide share URLs that you can use to create your own lightweight buttons. Share Buttons provides a consistent and clean look, while only needing a single CSS and JS file.


You can view and interact with the demo on CodePen.


Available through Bower:

bower install share-buttons

You can also download all the files.



Include share-buttons.css file in the build folder (or @import if using Less):

<!-- Inlude in <head> tag -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="build/css/share-buttons.css" />

The share-buttons.css file includes social icons, which come from the fonts folder. You can use the share-buttons-no-icons.css file if you are using your own icons or want text-only buttons.


If you want the sharing URL to open in a popup window/dialog, you can include the share-buttons.js file. This is pure JavaScript that does not rely on any framework, but may not work in older browsers. You can include the share-buttons.jquery.js file if you're using jQuery.

<!-- Include before </body> closing tag -->
<script src="build/js/share-buttons.js"></script>


The least amount of markup required for a button:

<!-- Default share button -->
<a class="share-btn share-btn-{SHARE_SERVICE}" href="{SHARE_URL}">
	<!-- Share icon -->
	<span class="share-btn-icon"></span>
	<!-- Share text -->
	<span class="share-btn-text">Share</span>

As you can see, it's simply an anchor tag with the href attribute linking to the share URL of the service.

The share-btn-{SHARE_SERVICE} class is used to show the proper icon and {SHARE_URL} is the sharing URL for the service. You can find the list of services along with their share URLs below:

  • Twitter (share-btn-twitter):
  • Facebook (share-btn-facebook):
  • Google+ (share-btn-googleplus):
  • Reddit (share-btn-reddit):
  • Tumblr (share-btn-tumblr):
  • LinkedIn (share-btn-linkedin):
  • Pinterest (share-btn-pinterest):
  • Delicious (share-btn-delicious):

Your page's URL typically goes after the url= part, and must be encoded. This can be done manually via an Online URl Encoder.

Button classes

You can change the way the buttons look with classes. Just add one or more of the following classes to the a tag:

  • share-btn-sm or share-btn-lg for different sizes.
  • share-btn-branded for a colorized button.
  • share-btn-inverse for a dark-scheme.

If you want to make a button that only shows the icon (no text), make sure to use the following markup for the text span:

<span class="share-btn-text-sr">Share</span>

This way, the buttons stay accessible to screen reader users.

Browser Support

Tested on all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 9+.


v1.0.1: Mar 15, 2015 - Mobile bug fixes and icon-only buttons in demo.

v1.0.0: Feb 18, 2015 - First version release!


The best way to contribute is to fork the CodePen demo and test any changes that you want to make.

The CSS is coded in Less, thus I prefer that any pull requests are already added to the Less source files. Also, keep the code clean and similar to how it currently is. I'm looking for volunteers that want to fork the project into Sass. Both versions will be maintained.

If you don't want to bother with Git or Less, just send me your forked pen or hosted code/demo.


Feel free to open an issue and I'll try to answer ASAP.