Random Number Generators for the Julia Language.
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Random number generators for the Julia language.

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RandomNumbers.jl is a package of Julia, in which several random number generators (RNGs) are provided.

If you use the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL), VSL.jl is also a good choice for random number generation.


This package is registered.


It is recommended to run the test suites before using the package:


RNG Families

There are four RNG families in this package:

  • PCG: A new family of RNG, based on linear congruential generators, using a permuted function to produce much more random output.
  • Mersenne Twister: The most widely used RNG, with long period.
  • Random123: A family of good-performance counter-based RNG.
  • Xorshift: A class of RNG based on exclusive or and bit shift.


Please see the documentation for usage of this package.


This package is under MIT License.