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SEPs: SunPy Proposal for Enhancement

What is a SEP?

SEP stands for SunPy Enhancement Proposal. A SEP is a design document modeled after the Python Enhancement Proposal which describes a new SunPy feature, process, or major changes to existing processes or features. Anyone can submit a SEP by making a pull request to this repository. You can find the official definition of SEPs in SEP-0001. The full list of SEPs can be found in SEP-0000.


Discussion is expected to take place using existing mechanisms and eventually a decision is made regarding whether the proposal should be accepted or rejected by a vote by the SunPy Board.


For a complete index see SEP-0000 this is reproduced here for convenience of navigation.

Number Title
1 SEP Purpose and Guidelines
2 SunPy Organization Definition
3 Physical Units in SunPy
4 Packages Affiliated with the SunPy Project
5 Coordinates Module
6 SunPy Board Membership List
7 Lightcurve Factory Refactor