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This repository stores the official logo for the SunPy project.


The colors used in the logo are

  • Orange #FE7900 orange #FE7900
  • Yellow #FED20B yellow #fed20b
  • Dark Gray #444444 gray #444444


The logo uses the open-source Source Sans Pro font, created by Adobe. It is made available online:

The license for this font can be found here. This font is also included, for convenience in this repository. Before making any edits to the logo please install these fonts on your system first.

File Descriptions

Filename Description
sunpy_logo.svg icon on left "sunpy" above tagline on right
sunpy_icon.svg icon only
sunpy_logo_word.svg "sunpy" only
sunpy_logo_portrait.svg icon above "sunpy"
sunpy_logo_portrait_powered.svg icon above "sunpy" above "powered"
sunpy_logo_landscape.svg icon on left "sunpy" no tagline

Original vs Generated Files

All files in the directory generated are derived products from the original files in the root directory therefore they should never be edited directly. They can be updated by using the script which requires that inkscape be installed.


The script was created by @emareff. The original version can be found at