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Combine tutorial and user guide contents #244

khughitt opened this Issue · 10 comments

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Currently the tutorial and user guide material are arbitrarily separated -- some of the "quick tutorial" as long or longer than sections in the main user guide. Further, some topics are covered in the tutorial but not in the user guide.

It is confusing where one should look for any particular topic.

Perhaps we could drop the "quick tutorial" and merge the contents into the main user guide? At a minimum, we should make sure all of the topics covered in the quick tutorial are covered at least as well in the user guide.



Everything that is in the "Quick Tutorial" should be in the main user guide. I however think that having a quick introduction that perhaps just uses built in data and shows people around while not going into too much detail is a good thing.

It looks like the VSO and data grabbing are missing from the main docs, perhaps a data downloading section would be a good idea? Also perhaps the time and constants could be wrapped up and expanded into a section in the main user guide?

just a thought or two.


Sounds good. Anyone want to volunteer to tackle this reorganization? :)

Here are some changes I would propose to make:


  • Change "A quick tutorial" to something like "SunPy in five minutes" or "A brief tour of SunPy"? (subjective...)
  • Add an example of calling show() with customizing norm/cmap.
  • Move colormap example to color maps section of user guide
  • Movie Helioviewer section to user guide
  • Comment out/remove plotman section (will update once Matt's new GUI is ready for use)

Also- perhaps we could organize the content that already exists in the user guide a little better, e.g.:

  1. Installation
  2. A Brief Tour of SunPy
  3. Basic SunPy Data types
    • Maps
    • LightCurves
    • Spectra
  4. Advanced SunPy Data types
    • CompositeMap
    • MapCube
    • etc.
  5. Constants
  6. Dates and Times
  7. Coordinate Systems
  8. Net tools (?)
  9. Misc. Utils etc?
@wafels wafels was assigned

Would you like me to take a crack at this? Or are you working on it Jack?

@Cadair Cadair was assigned
@wafels wafels was assigned

I shall do this when Steven's and my PRs are merged.


Do people have anything else that should be added to the documentation to close this issue?


Just looked over the refactoring, it looks good though I've found errors in various errors so I am going to add a 0.2 bug to go over each line of quoted code in the docs strings and guide to make it everything works.

@ehsteve ehsteve closed this

@Cadair @ehsteve Thanks for all of your work on this guys!

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