GSoC student application guidelines

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Do you want to participate in SunPy as part of the GSoC? This is the first year we are taking part and we hope it will be great fun!

We have participated two consecutive years in the ESA Summer of Code in Space, a GSoC clone, aimed to help open source projects related with Space. These two years have provided us with a large sample of applications. Unfortunately there were some that were not too good, so, this year we are going to follow SymPy example and provide you some hints on how to get more chances to be chosen.

SymPy guidelines are quite good, and following them will definitely give you lots of points to be selected. But we are not as mature as SymPy, and not quite organized yet, therefore our requirements are not that strict.

  1. The better we know you, the better we can judge you. There are many ways to get yourself known by the community, you can introduce yourself through the mailing list, chat with us in the IRC channel (#sunpy at Freenode) and even contact the mentors to know more about certain project.

  2. Be a Sunpy user! Do you want to be a developer for SunPy? Then you have to understand the solar physics community needs... Don't Panic! Solar physics is a quite broad scientific area, but to understand most of our needs you don't need to know much about the physics but the data we want to analyze. For example, some of our data are images of the whole Sun a certain wavelength, however other instruments may observe the whole sun as a single star producing time series and so on. Browsing through the documentation and the user guide. Check also all the [different posters we have done] (

  3. Set yourself up as a developer. Create yourself an account in github. Don't know how to use git? Don't worry, it's easy and there are lots of tutorials online that will help you to get quite confident with it in a short time. Then install SunPy and its dependencies.

  4. Start to be a developer. Check our issues list to see if there is something that you could do. This is not a requirement as with SymPy, but it will definitely play on your side.

  5. Plan your application. Think which is your favourite project from the ideas page or think on a new one that will benefit SunPy. Prepare a plan on how you will tackle that project and the time it will take you to solve it. Do not worry much in providing exact dates, but plan it as best as you can (if you are planing to have some holidays during the GSoC programme, then you should mention it too).

Don't be shy when describing yourself!

  1. Submit your application. Don't forget to submit your application before the deadline.
    Following SymPy, we are also open to give comments on your proposal if you like. Feel free to add your application to the wiki following this format: "GSoC-2014 Application <Your Name>:<Project Name>" and link such page in GSoC 2014 Applications.

Following these points will assure you to be high rated, but don't hesitate to ask us anything.

Best of luck to everyone!