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XRAYVISION - X-RAY VIsibility Synthesis ImagiNg

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XRAYVISION is an open-source Python library for Fourier or synthesis imaging of X-Rays. The most common usage of this technique is radio interferometry however there have been a number of solar X-ray missions which also use this technique but obtain the visibilities via a different method.


Requirements: Python3.6+, SunPy0.8+

As XRAYVISION is still a work in progress it has not been release to PyPI yet. The recommended way to install XRAYVISION is via pip from git.

pip install git+


from astropy import units as u

from xrayvision.visibility import RHESSIVisibility
from xrayvision import SAMPLE_RHESSI_VISIBILITIES

rhessi_vis = RHESSIVisibility.from_fits_file(SAMPLE_RHESSI_VISIBILITIES)
rhessi_map = rhessi_vis.to_map(shape=(65, 65), pixel_size=[4., 4.] * u.arcsec)

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