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# Contributor License Agreement

to contribute to the Sunrise Choir, you must first sign a Contributor License Agreeement.

## why?

@ahdinosaur, the steward of the Sunrise Choir, is committed to open source, at the moment all the code is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 copyleft licence.

the reasoning behind a Contributor License Agreement is to better actively capture the value we create, so we can fund future open source development, rather than passively allow the value of our commons be extracted by others who aren't willing to reciprocate in sharing.

a Contributor License Agreement, as implemented here, allows contributors to grant a broad exclusive license to @ahdinosaur, the steward of the Sunrise Choir.

## how?

once you contribute something significant, @ahdinosaur will contact you and setup a digital signature process using [HelloSign](

the document to sign is [this Individual Contributor License Agreement](

after you sign, the document will be uploaded to a [drive]( for safe storage.

the document has been generated via with the following fields:

| Option | Choice |
|Entity Name | Michael Williams |
| Project Name Sunrise Choir |
| Project Website | |
| Project Email | |
| Contributor Signing Process Address | |
| Project Jurisdiction | New Zealand |
| Agreement Exclusivity | exclusive |
| Outbound License(s) | Not Applicable |
| Documentation License(s) | ____________________ |
| Patents | Traditional Patent License |

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