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# Sunrise choir - 05-02-19

## Participants

- Pie(t)
- Mat(t)
- Mik(ey)

## Agenda

- [x] chickens
- [x] piet update
- ssb-friends as sql query
- rust is fast
- [x] January newsletter
- wrote by Piet and Mikey [here](
- made an OpenCollective, waiting on OpenCollective approval
- [x] Patchwork: what to do about it
- [x] chookouts

## piet update

sql query to get friends and friends-of-friends

author as id
FROM contacts_raw
WHERE author_id == 1 AND state == 1
FROM contacts_raw
join contacts_raw AS friend_contacts_raw ON friend_contacts_raw.author_id == contacts_raw.contact_author_id
WHERE contacts_raw.author_id == 1
AND contacts_raw.state == 1
AND friend_contacts_raw.state == 1
FROM contacts_raw
WHERE author_id == 1
AND state == -1)

- pie: using console.time() and time.end()
- backlinks would take 0.5 seconds (!)
- ended up writing a benchmark
- in Rust, took 25 microseconds
- was misled because JavaScript main thread was happening, so query wouldn't run immediately
- pie: had a go at using JSON-RPC server & client in Rust
- to answer the question: what's the latest flume sequence?
- real fast if requests were batched up
- on my mind to copy xray type architecture, where we have Rust servers that are called from JavaScript clients

## Patchwork: what to do about it?

- mat: since latest meeting, Mix built pre-releases of new Patchwork
- Mix wants to run Patchwork alongside Patchbay without clobbering indexes
- taken pressure off a release
- mat: but the latest version of Patchwork is okay, but not great
- shonky, click a button and nothing happens, then something happens later
- has some regressions, using a better architecture between Patchwork and sbot, but now Patchwork is bound to sbot for updates, but sbot is unreliable and has memory leaks
- pie: as we do pull out more bits from sbot, it should get better
- mat: yeah, as i do Sunrise Choir work, it will solve the problems, but i don't know if i can be bothered to hack around it until that happens
- mat: apparently better memory, but only the case until sbot craps out
- mat: my intuition is to ignore Patchwork for a while until the deeper issues are solved
- pie: could be a good target for us to pair on next week
- i have to write a table for the votes and reduce them, when that's done we should have all the entities modelled, and then with any luck we could start porting over things to Patchwork
- mat: i think most of the work i did with the new Patchwork is transferrable to our new Rust stuff, i think it will make our life easier, i don't think it was all for nothing
- what i think would be a great win is if the next release of Patchwork had this new Sunrise Choir stuff inside
- pie: one thing that feels like a sticky issue is getting the native module building
- mat: have you tried using travis to cross build?
- that's what i'm using for Patchwork's native modules
- mik: new prebuild is prebuildify:
- build on travis, publish to GitHub releases, then use `prebuildify-ci` to download releases before `npm publish`

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