Configuring solr for use with sunspot in development, testing, and production

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Configuring Solr in Production

Recommended Guideline for configuring Solr with a Tomcat server:

OS Specific Setup Guides

Chef Recipes

  • For installing Solr with Jetty on Ubuntu use these:
  • For installing Solr with Tomcat (supporting multi core config) on Ubuntu see:


    hostname: solrserver
    port: 8080 #tomcat defaults to port 8080
    path: '/solr-example'
    log_level: WARNING
    pid_dir: '/var/run'

    hostname: localhost
    port: 8982
    log_level: INFO
    # pid_dir: defaults to 'app/solr/pids/development'
    # bind_address: defaults to '' which binds to every interface
  disabled: false # note that this is not indented within `solr`

    hostname: localhost
    port: 8981
    log_level: WARNING

Rake Tasks Respond to Environment

Notice that the above configuration details that the server run on a different port for each environment. Provide the rake tasks with the correct rails environment on start/stop/run. E.g.:

RAILS_ENV=test rake sunspot:solr:start

Testing with Rails

You may want to look at the sunspot-rails-tester gem