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Olga Grabek Olgagr Updated Home (markdown) 98c166a
Olga Grabek Olgagr Created Dealing with partial results (textile) 001e5aa
Jake Varghese jake3030 more quick formats 17617df
Jake Varghese jake3030 quick formatting fix fb8256a
Joost Hietbrink joost Updated Configuring solr for use with sunspot in development, testing, and production (markdown) ddae846
Rahil Sondhi rahilsondhi Created Rails 4 Sunspot Tutorial with Active Model Serializers (markdown) e9ca9b1
Dorian Marié Dorian Also need to remove ::Runner (depreceated) 4da51cb
Dorian Marié Dorian remove depreceated Spec -> RSpec 2d1bad6
Lasse Bunk lassebunk Fix typo 69311f1
Nicholas Jakobsen njakobsen Destroyed Working with Solr 4 (markdown) 0a23ef8
Pat Ferrel pferrel Updated Upgrading sunspot_solr Solr Instance (markdown) 127413c
Benedict Aluan benedictaluan Updated Upgrading sunspot_solr Solr Instance (markdown) e556cb0
Nicholas VanHowe vanhowen Transforming text to link 8da15b6
Peer Allan pallan Added default_batch_size config information 4949e21
IonsInTheEther IonsInTheEther Created Working with adapters (markdown) 6b50100
Dave Harris daveharris Updated Upgrading sunspot_solr Solr Instance (markdown) 2de4c92
Alan Woodward romseygeek Need to return the map from inside the inject block, otherwise this doesn't work... 6eb8f2a
s01ipsist s01ipsist Date faceting fb41d10
Tom Flanagan Knio Updated Scoping by attribute fields (textile) b20dbcd
Rich Grundy RichGuk Updated Configure Solr on Ubuntu, the quickest way (textile) 4d5f797
srinivas valekar valekar Created Indexing rich text documents (solr cell) (markdown) 88fa76a
s01ipsist s01ipsist rake tasks rails 2 b52885e
tibbon Updated to most current sunspot_cell maintained repo. 86a83fc
Frederico Araujo fred added warning to update lib paths 4e17d53
Frederico Araujo fred some nicer formating cfd84bf
Frederico Araujo fred Added solrconfig.xml for LUCENE_40 indexing format. fa73a09
Frederico Araujo fred Added deprecated messages in the end of file. I'm not sure what are the implications to Sunspot, but I think it's worth mentioning. My installation runs fine without them. eb1429f
Anthony Smith anthonator Added delayed_sunspot afbb403
Nicholas Jakobsen njakobsen Added a link to the Working with Solr 4 page. f5f5550
Nicholas Jakobsen njakobsen Added a page dedicated to getting sunspot to work with solr 4 364c995
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