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This directory contains the sources of the libcstl Library.
See the file "VERSION" for what release version you have.
libcstl is the use of C language, a common data structure
and used algorithms library, which mimic the interface and
the SGI STL to achieve.
For Windows platform there are README.Win32 file that discuss issues
how to compile libcstl on Windows.
Problems, bugs, questions, desirable enhancements, etc. should be sent
to the address "". Bugs, support requests, and
feature requests may also be submitted on the GoogleCode site for
libcstl at
The source file os libcstl are:
ChangLog - description of differences between releases
AUTHORS - people that have helped libcstl along
INSTALL - description of installation
COPYING.LESSER - the license under which libcstl is distributed - compilation rules (input to the configure script) - compilation rules source
README - this file
README.Win32 - notes on using libcstl on Win32 systems
VERSION - version of this release
aclocal.m4 - autoconf macros
config.guess - autoconf support - autoconf input
config.sub - autoconf support
configure - configure script (run this first) - configure script source
install-sh - BSD style install script - libtool script
missing - common stub for missing library functions
build-win/* - MSVS project
cstl/* - libcstl header files
src/* - libcstl source files
doc/* - libcstl documents
test/it/* - interface testing files
test/ut/* - unit testing files
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