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Under Windows, libcstl support vs project for Windows XP,
Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and
Windows 7.
How to compile libcstl with Visual Studio
In order to compile libcstl you will need:
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 (or higher).
- libcmockery for libcstl_ut project.
You can download it from
Open the sulotion file libcstl\build-win\vc8\libcstl.sln with
Visual Studio 2005 or libcstl\build-win\vc9\libcstl.sln with
Visual Studio 2008. Build project libcstl, then libcstl.lib,
the library file to link with the applications, and libcstl.dll
will be generated in libcstl\bin\. Build project libcstl_it, then
libcstl_it.exe will be generated in libcstl\bin\, this file is
libcstl inteface testing execute file. Build project libcstl_ut,
then libcstl_ut.exe will be generated in libcstl\bin\, this file
is libcstl unit testing execute file. You will need cmockery.lib
and google\*.h, the header files of cmockery libaray, in vc8/vc9