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Power VIM Users like us have already wasted tons of time to choose our favorite colorschemes, and may still not be satisfied with the current colorschemes. So I wrote this plugin to help us out, to meet the perfect colorsheme that we are DESTINED to be with. (just like your lovely partners:)

Written by sunus Lee[at]

Wed Dec 12 11:50:55 CST 2012

Added Windows Support, great news for windows vim users, right? :)


Just copy randomColorPicker.vim to your VIM runtime plugin path:


You may need to create ~/.vim/plugin directory if it doesn't exist:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin


cp randomColorPicker.vim ~/.vim/plugin

  1. create a directory at:


    or enter directory:

    C:\Program Files\vim\vim73\plugin

    vim73 might be vim72 or whatever.. as long as it's where ur vim is installed, it's vaild.

  2. copy randomColorPicker.vim to that directory.


When you use vim open a file, I will randomly pick up a colorscheme for you.

  • ALL The Commands below are CaseSensitive

  • if you LOVE this colorscheme,

    Enter( In Normal Mode )


    then I will never change your colorscheme again.

  • if you HATE this colorscheme and don't want to see her again,

    Enter( In Normal Mode )


    then I will never pick this colorscheme for you and then

    randomly pick a new coloscheme.

  • if you somehow regret what you did and want to get the hated colorscheme back,

    Enter(In Normal Mode)


    then all you hated colorschem will back to select pool, and you might see

    her again:)

  • Enter(In Normal Mode)


    to see current colorscheme

  • Enter(In Normal Mode)


    to switch to a new random theme without restarting vim.


Use this plugin with a large colorsheme pool will increase the possibility of meeting the right ColorScheme for you.

So, I recommand you also use the ColorScheme Pack at:

Colo(u)r Sampler Pack : Oct 2012 Update

Big Thanks to Robert Melton for his awesome work!

A more complete and actively maintained package can be found here.

Any Feedback and Suggestions is welcomed

mail me:[at]