Synchronous Counting
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Synchronous Counting

This repository contains supporting material related to the following paper:

  • Danny Dolev, Keijo Heljanko, Matti Järvisalo, Janne H. Korhonen, Christoph Lenzen, Joel Rybicki, Jukka Suomela, and Siert Wieringa: "Synchronous Counting and Computational Algorithm Design", Journal of Computer and System Sciences (to appear),


Consider a complete communication network on n nodes, each of which is a state machine with s states. In synchronous 2-counting, the nodes receive a common clock pulse and they have to agree on which pulses are "odd" and which are "even". We require that the solution is self-stabilising (reaching the correct operation from any initial state) and it tolerates f Byzantine failures (nodes that send arbitrary misinformation).

In this repository we have computer-generated deterministic algorithms that provide solutions to the following cases (see directory positive):

  • s = 3, n ≥ 4, f = 1
  • s = 2, n ≥ 6, f = 1

We also have a compact, computer-generated proof that the following case is not solvable by any algorithm (see directory negative):

  • s = 2, n = 4, f = 1

We provide Python scripts that can be used to verify that the algorithms and the lower-bound proofs are correct (see directory code).

For a quick start, try:

cd code

For some illustrations of the computer-generated algorithms, see the directory illustrations.

Synthesis tools for finding computer-generated algorithms are given in the synthesis directory.


  • Danny Dolev, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Keijo Heljanko, HIIT and Aalto University
  • Matti Järvisalo HIIT and University of Helsinki
  • Janne H. Korhonen, HIIT and University of Helsinki
  • Christoph Lenzen, MPI Saarbrücken
  • Joel Rybicki, HIIT and Aalto University
  • Jukka Suomela, HIIT and Aalto University
  • Siert Wieringa, HIIT and Aalto University