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Useful pages


  • Mailinglist
  • The irc channel #sup @ freenode is the place to idle, ask and someone should wake up..


Sup-0.13 line (milestone)

  • Efforts to support Ruby 1.8 will continue on the 'line-0.13' branch. Development for Ruby 1.9 has already started to diverge.

Sup-0.14 (milestone)

  • Continued bug fixes and stepwise feature implementations which do not break existing setups, supporting Ruby 1.9.
  • Migrate to Psych (issue #17)
  • Get rid of Iconv (issue #23)
  • Update to version 2 of the gpgme gem
  • Include maildir-syncback (should be postponed to second release)
  • Migration instructions for users going 0.13 to 0.14: Migration-0.13-to-0.14


  • [/] Support Ruby 2.0.0 (milestone 2) and 1.9 (fails on RMail).
  • Remove all deprecated and abandoned dependencies and components: * Switch to Mail from RMail
  • Implement IMAP syncback support (Development:-Maildir-SyncBack)
  • Get UTF-8 encoding right (Development:-UTF-8) (the struggle will continue..)

Roles and tasks

This list shows who is the main person responsible for each task. The responsibility may be shared and we hope several people will contribute to each:

  • Releasing sups!: maintainers
  • Managing the 'maildir-sync' branch: @ericweikl + maintainers
  • Home page: @jof + maintainers
  • Setting up a consistent infrastructure: maintainers
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