Development: Administration and Team

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William Morgan has graciously given us the access to the Sup infrastructure and we will continue to maintain and develop sup on it.

At the moment the main maintainers are:

  • Gaute Hope (@gauteh)
  • Hamish Downer (@foobacca)
  • Matthieu Rakotojaona (@rakoo)


There will be three different teams: Owners, Committers and Contributors.


Maintainers and developers who require more than just commit access and hold main responsibilities. Responsible for releases and overall development.


Contributors and developers who have shown a larger interest and have several accepted patches.


Sporadically active developers and other contributors (documentation, testing, etc.) who do not need commit access. We want to allow most people who have contributed in some way to Sup here and who wishes to be a member.

Earlier contributions will be taken in to account.

Administration and development plan

The wiki page Development will be used as the main reference for organizing the development effort. Refer to Contributing for guidelines on submitting patches and pull requests.

The Development#roadmap shows how we will try to focus our efforts. Roles and other responsibilities will be listed in Development#roles-and-tasks.

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