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Installation: General Process

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This page describes general install process of sup.

If your OS is not listed in Home#Platform-specific-instructions, this page might be helpful.

C libraries

The following C libraries and their header files are required. It's recommended to install them via your system's native package manager like rpm.

  • ncursesw
  • uuid
  • zlib

Also, a C/C++ compiler like GCC or clang is needed.


Sup runs on MRI Ruby. Currently both 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 are supported but it's highly recommended to use 1.9.3.

Also, ruby's header files are required since we need to build some extenions.

You can install Ruby via either your system's native package manager or 3rd-party tools like rvm or rbenv.


Rubygems is the package manager for Ruby. It is distributed with Ruby since 1.9+. Make sure you have a version >= 2.0.2 because earlier versions had a bug.


Required when installing ruby-xapian binding. This is part of Ruby distribution since 1.9+.

Both rubygems and rake can probably be installed via your system's native package manager if you're stuck with Ruby 1.8.

Other dependencies in Ruby

Now you can just install sup via gem i sup and rubygems can install all dependencies in Ruby automatically.

If you're running sup from source, see Running from git#Install-dependencies-in-Ruby for how to install dependencies via bundler.

Next step

See New User Guide.

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