Running from git

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If you want to run the bleeding edge version of sup or hack on sup, this page is for you.

Install git

Sup's source code is managed by git. You need to install it first.

Get the source code

$ git clone git://
$ cd sup # run later commands in this directory

Install dependencies

See Installation: General Process or Home#Platform-specific-instructions for how to install dependent C libraries, C/C++ compiler and Ruby.

Install dependencies in Ruby

You can use bundler to make this dead easy:

$ gem i bundler
$ bundle install

Note: if you're using rvm, you probably want to create a dedicated gemset.

Running sup


$ bin/sup

If you wish to test the development branch (latest changes) you can do that by doing:

# After `bundle install`
$ git checkout -b develop origin/develop
$ bin/sup