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@cscorley cscorley Updated Installation: Archlinux (markdown) c663656
@cscorley cscorley Updated Installation: Archlinux (markdown) 3233ddc
@Karunamon Karunamon Massively reformatted, some clarifications e0950ce
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg 1.9 is not supported anymore 176738b
@Karunamon Karunamon whoops, missed one 8641510
@Karunamon Karunamon Ruby v2.1.2 working as per #191, update the warning 46fd1f4
@terotil terotil Add publish hook examples 0c0ff99
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg Removed old rubies refs dfc8ba9
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg issue #410 5f7fa0f
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg issue #410 28ec311
@rthrd rthrd changed to Sorry, Wiliam! b4d1d17
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg Outdated info removed. 6a8ff2d
@aliceriot aliceriot Added a warning for something I did by accident. 19a4aff
@gammons gammons Updated Complete gmail configuration (markdown) aec6cff
@gammons gammons Updated Complete gmail configuration (markdown) 597ffe3
@gammons gammons Updated Complete gmail configuration (markdown) 1870c23
@gauteh gauteh Revert a58b1ed^...a58b1ed on New User Guide 56b18f7
@saketkc saketkc Fix for running sup-mail a58b1ed
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg Changed mu URL to point at their github repo bc4b056
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg Was too quick with my previous revision. Now updated. bd61a45
@ZJvandeWeg ZJvandeWeg As ruby is not in [core], it is uncertain if ruby itself is installed. 5836777
@agorf agorf Updated Follow an uri (markdown) 1cbc22f
@agorf agorf Updated Follow an uri (markdown) ce0f6c1
@agorf agorf Add warning about double quotes around uri 7289054
@agorf agorf Updated Securely Store Password (markdown) 0a83ac3
@agorf agorf Improve pass instructions 37a2067
@fractalcat fractalcat Document breakage on colorless terminals as discussed in #350 f5f8a51
@avtobiff avtobiff Update install instructions on Debian and Ubuntu Add section on how to install sup-mail from repository. 30dbd52
@nanonaren nanonaren A suggestion for before-poll hook on a laptop. b3e848e
@nanonaren nanonaren Updated Securely Store Password (markdown) dd4c76e
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