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TarotBuddy Beta

Tarot Buddy Beta. Build - Fortune Telling Software.


  • Personalized Tarot Reading
  • Look through Hi-Res Tarot Decks
  • In depth Meaning of each card
  • Different Tarot decks to choose from
  • Personal Profile for each user


Spread Screenshot


Astrology Preview (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

  • Astrology
  • Symbolism
  • Games!!
  • Quizzes

To Install

  • Download Beta
  • Navigate to -- TarotBuddy\out\artifacts\TarotBuddy
  • Place the .jar file anywhere you like and run it

Add *.tb to .gitignore

Release Beta

Known Bugs

  • Switching from Marc deck on the deck selection, Doesn't show help text when going back to 1910, without re-selecting it.