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Supabase CLI (v1)

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Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. We're building the features of Firebase using enterprise-grade open source tools.

This repository contains all the functionality for Supabase CLI.

  • Running Supabase locally
  • Managing database migrations
  • Creating and deploying Supabase Functions
  • Generating types directly from your database schema
  • Making authenticated HTTP requests to Management API

Getting started

Install the CLI

Available via NPM as dev dependency. To install:

npm i supabase --save-dev

To install the beta release channel:

npm i supabase@beta --save-dev

When installing with yarn 4, you need to disable experimental fetch with the following nodejs config.

NODE_OPTIONS=--no-experimental-fetch yarn add supabase

Note For Bun versions below v1.0.17, you must add supabase as a trusted dependency before running bun add -D supabase.


Available via Homebrew. To install:

brew install supabase/tap/supabase

To install the beta release channel:

brew install supabase/tap/supabase-beta
brew link --overwrite supabase-beta

To upgrade:

brew upgrade supabase

Available via Scoop. To install:

scoop bucket add supabase
scoop install supabase

To upgrade:

scoop update supabase

Available via Homebrew and Linux packages.

via Homebrew

To install:

brew install supabase/tap/supabase

To upgrade:

brew upgrade supabase

via Linux packages

Linux packages are provided in Releases. To install, download the .apk/.deb/.rpm/.pkg.tar.zst file depending on your package manager and run the respective commands.

sudo apk add --allow-untrusted <...>.apk
sudo dpkg -i <...>.deb
sudo rpm -i <...>.rpm
sudo pacman -U <...>.pkg.tar.zst
Other Platforms

You can also install the CLI via go modules without the help of package managers.

go install

Add a symlink to the binary in $PATH for easier access:

ln -s "$(go env GOPATH)/cli" /usr/bin/supabase

This works on other non-standard Linux distros.

Community Maintained Packages

Available via pkgx. Package script here. To install in your working directory:

pkgx install supabase

Available via Nixpkgs. Package script here.

Run the CLI

supabase bootstrap

Or using npx:

npx supabase bootstrap

The bootstrap command will guide you through the process of setting up a Supabase project using one of the starter templates.


Command & config reference can be found here.

Breaking changes

We follow semantic versioning for changes that directly impact CLI commands, flags, and configurations.

However, due to dependencies on other service images, we cannot guarantee that schema migrations, seed.sql, and generated types will always work for the same CLI major version. If you need such guarantees, we encourage you to pin a specific version of CLI in package.json.


To run from source:

# Go >= 1.22
go run . help