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A Python pastebin that tries to keep it simple.


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pinnwand is Python pastebin software that tried to keep it simple but got a little more complex.


  • Python >= 3.8
  • Tornado
  • sqlalchemy
  • click
  • docutils
  • tomli
  • pygments-better-html
  • a database driver



Enter text, click "Paste", easy enough.


steck is a command line client to pinnwand instances:

€ pip install --user steck
€ steck paste *
You are about to paste the following 7 files. Do you want to continue?
- mypy.ini
- poetry.lock
- pyproject.toml
- README.rst
- requirements.txt

Continue? [y/N] y

Completed paste.
View link:    https://localhost:8000/W5
Removal link: https://localhost:8000/remove/TS2AFFIEHEWUBUV5HLKNAUZFEI


pinnwand has a direct endpoint for curl users:

€ echo "foo" | curl -X POST http://localhost:8000/curl -F 'raw=<-'
Paste URL:   http://localhost:8000/OE
Raw URL:     http://localhost:8000/raw/GU
Removal URL: http://localhost:8000/remove/GQBHGJYKRWIS34D6FNU6CJ3B5M
€ curl http://localhost:8000/raw/GU

This will preselect the lexer and expiry arguments to be text and 1day respectively. You can provide those to change them.


pinnwand provides a straight forward JSON API, here's an example using the common requests library:

...     "http://localhost:8000/api/v1/paste",
...     json={
...             "expiry": "1day",
...             "files": [
...                     {"name": "spam", "lexer": "python", "content": "eggs"},
...             ],
...     }
... ).json()
{'link': 'http://localhost:8000/74', 'removal': 'http://localhost:8000/remove/KYXQLPZQEWV2L4YZM7NYGTR7TY'}

More information about this API is available in the documentation.

More ways to use pinnwand

Various deprecated ways of posting are still supported, don't implement these for any new software but if you are maintaining old software and want to know how they used to work you can read our documentation_.

If you do use a deprecated endpoint to post a warning will be shown below any pastes that are created this way.

Reporting bugs

Bugs are reported best at pinnwand's project page on github. If you just want to hang out and chat about pinnwand then I'm available in the #pinnwand channel on Freenode IRC.


pinnwand is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


This pastebin has quite a long history which isn't reflected entirely in its repository.


There are 2 types of tests available to verify that the application still works correctly after the changes:

  • unit test
  • browser e2e tests

Unit tests are run by pytest by default when executing (the browser tests will be skipped)

€ pytest

If you'd like to run browser tests you need to pass the --e2e option to the pytest command.

€ pytest --e2e

The browser tests are executed by Playwright. The tests by default will be run in the headless mode. But it's possible to run them in the headed mode as well to be able to observe the execution of the tests. For that, you just need to pass the --headed option to the pytest --e2e command:

€ pytest --e2e --headed