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import logging, os, glob, yaml
import rosbag_pandas
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
def parse_config_file(config_file):
print('Loading configs from file : ' + config_file)
config_file_dict = {}
with open(config_file, 'r') as stream:
config_file_dict = yaml.load(stream)
except (IOError, yaml.YAMLError) as exc:
print('Failed to parse config file : ' + config_file)
return config_file_dict
def parse_single_run(bag_file, csv_convert=False):
yaml_info = rosbag_pandas.get_bag_info(bag_file)
df = rosbag_pandas.bag_to_dataframe(bag_file)
df['time'] = (df.index - df.index[0]) / np.timedelta64(1, 's')
df.index = df['time']
new_col_names = []
for column in df.columns.values:
df.columns = new_col_names
if csv_convert:
csv_file_name = os.path.splitext(yaml_info["path"])[0] + '.csv'
return df
def parse_all_runs_in_dir(runs_dir, csv_convert=False):
bag_file_pattern = os.path.join(runs_dir, "*.bag")
df = {}
for sim_run in glob.glob(bag_file_pattern):
run_name = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(sim_run))[0]
df[run_name] = parse_single_run(sim_run, csv_convert)
return df
def parse_all_csv_runs_in_dir(runs_dir):
csv_file_pattern = os.path.join(runs_dir, "*.csv")
df = {}
for sim_run in glob.glob(csv_file_pattern):
run_name = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(sim_run))[0]
df[run_name] = pd.read_csv(sim_run)
df[run_name].index = df[run_name]['time']
return df