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Most of the examples from Daniel Shiffman's Nature Of Code, ported to Open Frameworks. (Could do with some tidying up and commenting)
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Nature Of Code OF


Most of the examples from Daniel Shiffman's Nature Of Code, ported from Processing to Open Frameworks. Could do with some tidying up and commenting - I'll probably come back to it at some stage, in the meantime any improvements anyone else wants to make would be most welcome.

The original is here:

This is work produced while teaching myself Open Frameworks, C++ and some creative coding concepts by converting Shiffman's examples to OF. I've mostly named the projects so that it should be easy to find the right place to follow along with the book, though the first ones weren't so consistent...

-I'm also new to C++, so bear in mind these aren't necessary examples of the best way to do things. But they work, and I have tried to use best practice to the best of my knowledge. Earlier projects are mostly a simple syntax conversion, some of the later ones get into more fundamental differences between the languages. -Pretty much all of the examples from the book are here, not that many of the exercises at this stage. Sometimes when an example is built on directly in the next one, I won't have included the first one because I just carried on while working. But anyway all of the code you need for the first will be there. And a few of them I may have carried on experimenting with, so will have some superfluous stuff. -It's not very well commented. -I've deleted all the bin directories to make it a manageable file size. So probably the best way to use it is just to create new projects and copy in the source.

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