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About LSwift Blog

A lot of design concepts are discussed in the LSwift Blog. Please have a look.


LSwift is a swift library that contains various extensions and classes, including a refelection model, a REST client, etc. L stands for lib.



Clone this repo and copy all the source files under src into your project manually, and then remove LExtension.swift if you don't have the dependency.

Cocoapods / Carthage

Dynamic framework is only supported in iOS 8, and I still need to support iOS 7 for a while, besides LSwift is still under development (it has fewer feature than LFramework so far). So the plan is that when iOS 9 is released and iOS 8 becomes the common deployment target, I'll split LSwift into several parts (LExtension, LRestClient, etc.) and release as different frameworks.


LExtension depends on some projects I've been using, e.g. MBProgressHUD and all the other parts depends on common frameworks from Apple like UIKit, MapKit, etc.

Version history

0.1: under development