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Cordova Photo Gallery Plugin

This plugin is based on the hello world plugin. Example:

		var success = function(message) {
		var failure = function() {
			alert("Error calling Gallery Plugin");
		], success, failure);

Checking isPhone() or isTablet():

		var success = function(message) {
			alert("is tablet: " + message);
		var failure = function() {
			alert("Error calling Gallery Plugin");
		gallery.isTablet(null, success, failure);

(Currently iOS is returning boolean while Android returns string. Need to fix this.)

Cordova Hello World Plugin

Simple plugin that returns your string prefixed with hello.

Greeting a user with "Hello, world" is something that could be done in JavaScript. This plugin provides a simple example demonstrating how Cordova plugins work.


Clone the plugin

$ git clone

Create a new Cordova Project

$ cordova create hello com.example.helloapp Hello

Install the plugin

$ cd hello
$ cordova plugin install ../cordova-plugin-hello

Edit www/js/index.js and add the following code inside onDeviceReady

    var success = function(message) {

    var failure = function() {
        alert("Error calling Hello Plugin");

    hello.greet("World", success, failure);

Install iOS or Android platform

cordova platform add ios
cordova platform add android

Run the code

cordova run 

More Info

For more information on setting up Cordova see the documentation

For more info on plugins see the Plugin Development Guide