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What is this?
This is a driver for serial SPF touchscreen panels, such as the carrolltouch units from ELO.
For more information on the SPF standard, please see
The generic sequence for initializing an SFP panel is as follows:
0x0D -> about 5 times, for auto baud detection
0x3C - Software reset
0x32 - Generate Error report
0x44 - Report Transfer
F8 - Report header
00 - no errors
FF - end of report
Send panel options:
0x23 - coordinate reporting
0x26 or 0x27
( 0x29 ) - Add_exit_point_modifier - Sends a packet indicating finger removed
0x2A - Starts touch scanning
0x26 - Tracking mode - Sends only 1 packet per touch
0x27 - continuous mode - Sends continuously, even if no changes
The unit will now send a 4 Byte packet every time it is pressed:
0xFE or 0xFD
0xFE = finger down, 0xFD = finger released.