Aardvark theme for Moodle
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 *  Aardvark
 *  The original menubar based theme for Moodle based on Bootstrap.
 *  Aardvark has evolved over the years as the Moodle core has integrated the many
 *  of the features that have made Aardvark so popular, including custom menu and
 *  user menu.
 *  The theme features a simple flat look with inspiration taken from Flat UI and
 *  Google's material design.
 *  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  More information and documentation can be
 *  found at https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=theme_aardvark
 *  Licenses
 *  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  - Theme - http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU GPL v3 or later
 *  - Font Awesome font is licensed under SIL OFL 1.1 - http://scripts.sil.org/OFL
 *  - Font Awesome CSS, LESS, and SASS files are licensed under MIT License -
 *    http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.html
 *  Author - Shaun Daubney
 *  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  Twitter: http://twitter.com/newburycollege
 *  Website: http://vle.newbury-college.ac.uk

 -	(2016081900) Fixed mobile/responsive menu issue (hamburger)
 -  (2016081800) Fixed Undefined variable: html in aardvark/layout/header.php
 -  (2016081800) Fixed alignment of logo in header
 -  (2016080500) Integrated global search function
 -  (2016080500) Added new range of small 'M' logos in pix/logos
 -  (2016080500) Added Snapchat option in footer
 -  (2016080500) Replaced Wikipedia svg with Fontawesome icon in footer
 -  (2016080500) Removed z-index for Assignment PDF editor from aardvark.css 
 -  (2016080500) Updated Fontawesome to 4.6.3
 -  (2016080500) Updated aardvark/lib.php
 -  (2016080500) Updated aardvark/settings.php
 -  (2016080500) Updated aardvark/version.php
 -  (2016080500) Created new branch - AARDVARK_31_STABLE
 v3.0 (Unpublished - used as base for 3.1 - thanks to Mary Evans)
 -  Depreciated Logo URL.
 -  Added new setting for 'Brand Logo' filpicker.
 -  Transfered all individual settings CSS to style/setting.css.
 -  Renamed style/custom.css to style/aardvark.css.
 -  Updated aardvark/lib.php.
 -  Updated aardvark/settings.php.
 -  Validated all CSS stylesheets with W3C CSS Validator (http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/)
 -  Updated aardvark/version.php
 -  Created new branch - AARDVARK_30_STABLE

  - Removed <?php echo $html->navbarclass ?> from header.php (not required) [Mary Evans]

 - Convert fixed path to dynamic path for img.defaultuserpic url. Fixes broken default user image links; when Moodle is mounted in a sub-directory. [Timothy OBrien]

 - removed the z-index fix that turned out to be less of a fix and more or a nightmare

 - increased z-index even more because 5000 was too low for the activity chooser

 - fixed actionmenu hover colour
 - increased z-index on PDF Editor

 - fixed img max-width issue that affected Gradebook in Chrome

 - updated a few oranges and yellows to make them less "murky"
 - fixed logo width to allow for wider logos

 - redesigned with a modern, flat style to appear less cluttered and easier to navigate.
 - fixed issue with mobile/responsive menu not showing in 2.9
 - tidied up some custom settings that are no longer required or broken.

 - replaced 'profileblock' with new 'User menu items' from Moodle Core.
 - set Moodle 2.8+ as minimum specification

 - updated to fix image widths in version 2.8

 - updated config.php for gradebook compatibility in Moodle 2.6+ (Thank you Mary)
 - added Wikipedia to Social Network icons in footer

 - added a workaround for the TinyMCE hyperlink issue in IE11