Mailchute - a combination of popular tools to help designers build HTML emails quickly.
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Mailchute is a combination of popular front-end development tools with a few tweaks to help designers build HTML emails quickly.

It's built using:

  • Gulp to stream changes to data, templates, and stylesheets
  • JSON objects to store content and copy
  • Pug to make building templates and reusable components easy
  • SCSS to style it all up (including a few bits and pieces from BassCSS)
  • BrowserSync to preview how your email will look
  • Premailer to inline your styles when you're ready to send it.

Getting Started

Clone repo locally.

Run gem install premailer && gem install nokogiri (you may need to use sudo).

Make sure you have at least Node v6.0.0, then run npm install from the mailchute directory.

When finished installing dependencies, run gulp. This should launch your main browser and start BrowserSync, displaying the example file at localhost:3000.