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2 hour workshop All


Building Art with Code

Elevator Pitch

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Have you ever seen awesome animations or stunning visuals online and wondered how they were created? This workshop dives into the code and math behind these pieces of artwork using p5js. We’ll build multiple demos during this workshop so you’ll leave ready to build your own web-ready artworks!


  • This will be co-taught with Ali Spittel (Twitter, Linkedin, site, bio). We are co-teachers at GA, so we teach together almost every day!
  • We have taught a 45 minute version of this class to students just learning to code.


Learning Objectives

  • View pieces of art built with code
  • Setup P5 in order to create art with code
  • Understand some of the math that goes into code art
  • Learn how to make that code art interactive

What is p5.js

p5.js is a JavaScript library built by the same people as Processing to make web ready artwork easy to build for people at all levels of coding experience. It is great for people who already know how to code to be able to express themselves artistically using a medium they are already experienced with. It is also helpful for people learning to code because it makes coding fun and more visual. We will make this workshop exciting and accessible for all levels of coding ability.

Some the speakers have built with p5.js:

Some awesome advanced examples:


  • Intro - 5 minutes
  • Demo art works - 10 minutes
  • Setup P5 - 10 minutes
  • Build basic sketches with P5 - 20 minutes
  • Build interactive sketches with p5 - 25 minutes
  • Explain how to use geometry to make your art even cooler - 25 minutes
  • Wrap up / Where you can learn more - 10 minutes
  • Q & A - 15 minutes

Attendees Will Leave With...

The ability to build artwork that is ready to host online! Students will create multiple demos within the course of the class, that they can customize and extend to express themselves.


art, code, p5, JavaScript