Mapping widget for Gtk+3.0 written in Vala.
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Mapness is a Gtk+ map widget with a focus on being roughly equivalent to Google Maps.

Mapness can source maps from Open street maps, Google Maps and Virtual Earth.

Mapness has been inspired by the OsmGpsMap, but unlike OsmGpsMap it is written in the Vala programming language. The benefits of Vala are

  • faster and less tedious to develop with
  • similar performance to C
  • it's harder to write buggy code with
  • generates very clean bindings with gir

Please see for the list of OsmGpsMap authors.

It's easy to generate bindings of Mapness for other languages.

To build C sources, use 'make c'.

To build a typelib file to Javascript and Python, use 'make typelib'

Other language bindings shouldn't be too difficult, but documentation on using gobject introspection seems a little hard to come by!

To install everything, please check the INCDIR, LIBDIR, VAPIDIR and TYPELIBDIR variables are correct in the makefile. If they are OK, use make install.