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SuperCollider v3.6.5, released 2013-04
Jakob Leben (10):
sc class library: fix regression in Server:-scope
scide: add "reset font size" action to post window and help browser
scide: autocompletion: order methods by class hierarchy when class is
documentation: improve info on logical time, clocks and threads
documentation: more info on threads, clocks and time
sclang: PyrThread: ensure slot type safety
documentation: clarify the functioning of Thread and Routine
streamline README.txt
documentation: improve thisFunction and thisFunctionDef
Julian Rohrhuber (3):
sc class library: replacing the source of a node proxy led to hanging
sc class library: NodeProxy:cleanNodeMapnow works even if no settings are
fix typo / removing the implication that ansi-C isn't appropriate
Michael Zacherl (5):
In.schelp: replaced AudioIn w/ SoundIn in reference, added loudness
warning in example section
Knob.schelp: repositioned text in mouseOverAction example
Klang.schelp: changed 'filter' to 'oscillator' in methods section
DynKlang.schelp: changed 'filter' to 'oscillator' in methods section
README.txt: reworked and simplified with focus on SC IDE and version 3.6
vividsnow (2):
scdoc: Pseg: duration pattern in beats not seconds
scdoc: add thisFunctionDef/thisFunction
SuperCollider v3.6.4, released 2013-04
Dan Stowell (1):
SinOsc and Osc: note phase issue beyond +-8pi. Fixes #815
Jakob Leben (34):
sclang: fix Char:-isUpper/isLower
qtcollider: add QListView:-selectionAction
qtcollider: add QListView:-selection setter
scide: remove credits for kiberpipa
help: GUI - improve documentation of alignment options
help: add guide on creating standalone applications
sc ide: show impl/ref lookup dialogs even when no text under cursor
sc class library: ClassBrowser: fix search with empty query string
sc ide: interpreter: post notification on quit or crash
qtcollider: pass exit code up to SC_TerminalClient
sc ide: fix and improve region detection
sc ide: sc editor: add action to select pair of brackets enclosing cursor
sc ide: sc editor: update bracket match highlight after applying settings
qtcollider: QTextView: increase 'selectedString' compatibility, fix docs
qtcollider: envelope view: fix drawing of quadratic and cubic curves
sc ide: help browser: delegate docklet focus to webpage view
sc ide: docklet: when focusing, also activate window
sc ide: fix auto-indenting closing brackets on certain locales
sc ide: ensure dock widgets within screen bounds when first undocked
qtcollider: QTextView: set 'enterInterpretsSelection' to true by default
scide: config dialog: preserve font when toggling "show only monospaced"
scide: select line in code on triple click
scide: ensure last active window activated after open/save file dialog
scide: on startup, remove invalid file paths from "recent documents" list
scide: improve default paths in open/save dialogs
scide: save document dialog: always allow saving with any extension
scide: editor: highlight unmatched brackets just like mismatched ones
qtcollider: StackLayout: fix crash when removing contained widget
qtcollider: do not allow reparenting layouts, to avoid crashing
scide: fix closing tool panels on Escape
scide: impl/ref lookup: close dialog when opening documentation for class
Revert "Revert "scide: on Mac, make one global menu to share by all
scide: prevent erroneous overriding of shortcuts on Mac OS
James Harkins (2):
Library: Bugfix for PmonoArtic inside other patterns w/cleanup
Library: Fix Pfset passing child cleanups up to its parent(s)
Tim Blechmann (10):
Help: fix rlpf help file
plugins: DemandEnv - fix shape polling
plugins: GrainBuf - catch both inf and NaN phase arguments
scsynth: prevent possible buffer overflow
cmake build system: fix x11 include paths
class library: Bus - fix get method for multi-channel busses
class library: Server.scope - remove limitation to 16 channels
plugins: LocalOut - don't crash server if LocalIn is missing
sclang: prevent buffer overflow
scide: link with librt
Victor Bombi (1):
supernova: CMakeLists.txt must set include dirs for fftw3f
attejensen (1):
Update MIDI.schelp
SuperCollider v3.6.3, released 2013-02
Dan Stowell (2):
Add cmake option NO_GPL3 to simplify building of GPL2 binaries
SCDoc: generalise licensing from GPL3+ to GPL2+
Graeme Urquhart (2):
Issue #702 fix: sendSelection receives NSString
String:Help of split method matches implementation
Jakob Leben (24):
qtcollider: relicense to GPL version 2
sclang: terminal client - fix and simplify request handling
qtcollider: support String:-speak when Speech class is
cmake: set LIBSCSYNTH=ON by default on Windows
qtcollider: QView - do not block beginDrag if currentDrag is
already set
qtcollider: QKnob - let 'background' affect knob color
sc ide: improve server boot/quit actions
sc ide: improve interpreter start/stop actions
sc ide: improve default server booting shortcuts
qtcollider: sf view: fix loading non-power-of-two floating
point files
sc ide: disable zooming by mouse wheel (scrolling)
sc ide: editor - set Qt::WA_MacNoClickThrough on viewport
help: improve the SC IDE guide
qtcollider: implement QtGUI:*cursorPosition
class library: Platform - redirect getMouseCoords to GUI
sc ide: post window - disable click-through on Mac OS X
sc ide: add Help menu action to open the SuperCollider IDE
help: SC IDE guide - show scaled screenshot, with a link to
unscaled one
sc ide: docklets - fix geometry after undocking
sc ide: change default shortcuts for Go To Next/Previous Region
sc ide: make cmd-period silent
sc ide: improve status box context menu interaction
sc ide: add context menu to interpreter status box
James Harkins (4):
Fix title:: tags in the practical guide: user-friendly titles
vs. filenames
Add Practical Guide Cookbook entry on swing rhythms
PG_Cookbook_08: Fix an omitted copy/paste
Fix typo in analysis example: on a kr signal is bad
Tim Blechmann (22):
supernova: fix crash on /quit with portaudio
class library: PlusFreqScope - survive server actions
scide: remove ctrl-b shortcut
class library: FreqScope - fix for starting scope after booting
common: introduce new autogenerated SC_Version.hpp header
class library: fix Array-unlace
supernova: plugin interface - guard access to rt-pool
plugins: IOUgens - prevent buffer overflow
Help: BrownNoise - use a convention of -20db
supernova: sized array - assert boundaries
supernova: sndfile backend - correctly use correct blocksize
for temp buffer
supernova: jack backend - avoid uninitialized value
supernova: nrt engine - nicer formatting of message log
plugins: ui ugens - initialize libx11 for threading
supernova: start dsp threads from run methods
sclang: library config - correcty handle library config command
line argument
server plugins: RecordBuf - fix multichannel corruption and
buffer overrun
fftlib: for now we avoid intptr_t
server plugins: fix div_ka
plugins: osc ugens - fix GET_TABLE macro
plugins: OscUGens - ensure buffer initialization
scide: add menu item to open the user application support
Victor Bombi (2):
common: win32 - avoid integer truncation
supernova: correctly print synthdef path
SuperCollider v3.6.2, released 2012-12
BS Collist (1):
qtcollider: QEnvelopeView - add method to return all selected
Jakob Leben (32):
common (windows): unify access to known folder paths
sclang (windows): add primitive to access "My Documents" dir
cmake: expand the search for libsndfile and libfftw3f
cmake (Windows): use CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH for fixup_bundle()
search dirs
scide: let cmd-period have an application-wide shortcut context
scide: DocumentManager - refresh cached file info before
storing save time
scide: help browser - support doc/impl/ref lookup for selected
scide: search widget hierarchy upwards for first handler of
lookup actions
scide: GenericLookupDialog - no need for subclassing QTreeView
scide: make doc/impl/ref lookup shortcuts work on detached
scide: always pop up lookup dialogs with the active window as
the parent
scide: update translation sources, add italian
qtcollider: start drag within mouse event handler
qtcollider: QStethoscope2 - reverse operation of horizontal
zoom slider
scide: GenericCodeEditor - set Qt::WA_MacNoClickThrough widget
scide: SyntaxHighlighter - swap QChar::toAscii() for toLatin1()
scide: Document - swap QString::toAscii() for
scide: MainWindow - substitute deprecated
scide: MainWindow - include QMimeData
scide: PostWindow - include QMimeData
scide: GenericCodeEditor - include QMimeData
qtcollider: QWidgetProxy - include QDrag
sclang: SCIpcClient - fix includes
cmake: sclang - fix building when SC_IDE=ON and SC_QT=OFF
cmake: scide - add QtNetwork to required Qt modules
qtcollider: QStethoscope2 - refactor for robustness
qtcollider: QListView - add 'selection' method to get all
selected indexes
help: document new 'selection' methods of EnvelopeView and
help: View - improve documentation, fix links
help: fix a large amount of broken links due to changes in
cmake: FindPortmidi - actually implement auto-finding portmidi
James Harkins (1):
Fix bug introduced by 7f29d322: Don't free the same alloc'ed
index twice
Tim Blechmann (18):
scide: DocumentManager - read files via QTextStream to decode
supernova: osc handler - fix completion message and done
message for /b_close
supernova: asynchronous log - fix string splitting
supernova: compile fix
supernova: send /fail messages on /notify commands
supernova: send /fail on buffer commands
supernova: fix sndfile error handling
win32: ensure stack alignment
plugins: fix GrainBuf cleanup
Help: SymbolicNotations - replace SCSlider with Slider
supernova: plugin interface - protect against multiple done
Help: remove memStore
class library: Buffer - freeMsg should clear all cached
supernova: osc interface - fix bug with node reordering
supernova: buffer_read - don't check samplerate when queueing
class library: fix Function.plot
plugins: RecordBuf - fix recordbuf overrun & fix done action
Help: RecordBuf - RecordBuf is recording, not playing
SuperCollider v3.6.1, released 2012-11
Dan Stowell (1):
SpecFlatness: prevent NaN output for silence (thanks nick
Glen Fraser (1):
scide: code editor / post window - copy using plain text
Jakob Leben (13):
update README_WINDOWS.txt for changed application data
fix compilation with MinGW (broken static initialization)
scide: find/replace - use Qt translation system to handle
cmake: scide - improve handling translations
scide: load translations from app resource directory
scide: update translation source files
scide: change english translation file name to serve as
sclang: (Windows) change app support dir from roaming to local
scide: load fallback translation in addition to locale
sclang: add primitive to allow Platform to access user home
class library: WindowsPlatform - set a user-friendly default
readme (windows): add instructions on moving application data
Tim Blechmann (1):
class library: SynthDef - writeDefFile should use default
SynthDef path
SuperCollider v3.6.0, released 2012-11
Major release with many new features - please see the help doc
"News in 3.6" for more information.
SuperCollider v3.5.7, released 2012-11
Jakob Leben (6):
sclang: (Windows) fix String:-getenv to return variables set
with -setenv
class library: ServerMeter - fix closing window when server has
never run
sclang: fix 'gcd' and 'lcm' methods
qtcollider: QStethoscope2 - fix width of number boxes
qtcollider: fix SoundFileView:-selectAll and -selectNone
qtcollider: fix QPen:*matrix setter - combine instead of
replace matrix
Julian Rohrhuber (1):
class library: jitlib - Avoiding sync problems with free/play
Tim Blechmann (9):
plugins: filters - fix initialization of filter parameters
external libraries: nova-simd update
external libraries: move nova-simd submodule to github
plugins: DelayN - fix initialization code
Revert "plugins: DelayN - fix initialization code"
common: fftlib - increase size limit for ffts
sclang: server shm interface - fix setting of multiple values
plugin interface: provide wrapper class for c++-style unit
SuperCollider v3.5.6, released 2012-10
Dan Stowell (2):
Improve error messages when cmake can't find optional things
Compile fix for Qt widget on arm. Upstreamed from
debian-multimedia (thanks Felipe Sateler)
James Harkins (1):
Fix Spawner bug: cleanup.update is mandatory, including rest
Jonatan Liljedahl (7):
Quarks: fix typo and also open old-style helpfiles ending with
Include old non-converted helpfiles in SCDoc document index
HelpBrowser: also open RTF files with whatever is available
Even more support for old help files
scdoc: use JS hasOwnProperty instead of testing the property
HelpBrowser: post javascript errors
SCDoc: properly escape keys in generated docmap.js
Joshua Parmenter (1):
Fix ServerOptions instance var ordering, etc., to make internal
server booting use correct number of audio bus channels.
Tim Blechmann (4):
cmake: provide explicit option to use system-installed boost
external libraries - revert submodule updates
lang: SerialPort - fix invocation of done action
SuperCollider v3.5.5, released 2012-09
Dan Stowell (1):
Fix bug in Complex:exp
James Harkins (1):
Convert misleading and confusing OSC-style example into
Joshua Parmenter (2):
fix IEnvGen kr UGen
fix cocoa window alpha setting
Tim Blechmann (12):
sclang: fix Array:extendWrap for negative size argument
sclang: array primitivies - protect all array extend primitives
against negative sizes
scdoc: fix string comparison in parser
supernova: sized_array - don't allocate memory for zero-sized
plugins: GrainBuf - fix crash when using nan as position
scsynth: ensure alignment of wire buffers
supernova: catch exceptions when reading synthdefs
supernova: free_aligned - fix fallback implementation for null
cmake build system: dont compile shared library with
plugins: GrainBuf - allocate grain after reading window
plugins: GrainBuf - fix access to default hann window
Victor Bombi (1):
cpu usage for portaudio_backend.hpp
SuperCollider v3.5.4, released 2012-08
Dan Stowell (5):
Fix typo that causes build fail on big-endian archs, thanks
Felipe Sateler
fix build on ARM (where qreal==float); thanks Felipe Sateler
Strip gremlin characters from JITLib
choose clipping rather than wraparound for writing
integer-format audio files (libsndfile setting)
arm build fix: another double->qreal in QcMultiSlider
James Harkins (1):
Improve documentation of GUI kits and kit switching
Jonatan Liljedahl (2):
SCDoc: Use proper static string constants instead of comparing
string literals.
Revert "reinstate Mix.arFill and Mix.krFill for backward
compatibility reasons"
Julian Rohrhuber (2):
reinstate Mix.arFill and Mix.krFill for backward compatibility
improve string helpfile
Tim Blechmann (10):
plugins: GrainUGens - handle unallocated window buffers
plugins: GrainBuf - reject multi-channel buffers
plugins: grain ugens - treat empty window buffers correctly
server: provide memory alignment wrappers for msvc
server: scsynth - ensure correct deallocation of SndBuffer
server/language/supernova: automatically clip integer audio
scsynth: correctly free aligned buffers
Help: fix OSC function in SendPeakRMS help file
package: use alternative implementation of git-archive-all
Victor Bombi (1):
MSVC fix
SuperCollider v3.5.3, released 2012-06
Dan Stowell (6):
LocalIn helpfile fix, thanks Bruno Ruviaro
Fix scvim regsitry file for updated filename (thanks Carlo Capocasa)
version number to 3.5.3
Server helpfile: see-also reference docs should not be executable
cmake build system: use system boost libraries if available
Jakob Leben (1):
cmake: fix Boost Thread linking on Windows
James Harkins (10):
EnvGen_next_ak_nova: Hardcoded blocksize=64, change to
Per Scott W., initSiblings is not needed
Reinstate and, with rate checks
Fix crossplatform fail: shouldn’t always depend
on Document
ListPatterns: offset.value omitted (inval) as an argument
Fix PbindProxy:storeArgs - should NOT call “source” on keys in
the array!
Scale:degreeToRatio should handle degrees outside of one
octave’s range
More meaningful error message for too many selectors
Explain the limitation on the number of selectors in one
Correct spelling error
Jonatan Liljedahl (3):
Methods.html: auto-redirect to Search if method not found
SCDoc: fix detection of old format class docs was un-deprecated, so remove the deprecated method
Joshua Parmenter (2):
fix scroll view problem for OS X 10.7.4
update SC_DirUtils to look at the name of the app bundle on osx
Julian Rohrhuber (14):
fix bugs due to wrong usage of partial application
PV_BinShift helpfile improved
PV_Diffuser helpfile improved
reformat statement for readability (no change of functionality)
helpfile improvements
improve array helpfile
add note to the loop argument of DiskIn (thanks Stefan).
improve helpfile
some helpfile improvements
improve helpfile
improve helpfile
improve and simplify FFT overview helpfile: fix some errors in
improve and simplify IFFT helpfile.
improve and simplify FFT helpfile, mention that hopsize must be
larger than 0.0
Tim Blechmann (11):
external libraries: update nova-tt (gcc 4.7 fix)
supernova: correctly implement replace semantics for /s_new
Help: Function.scope is not limited to OSX anymore
cmake build system: locate server plugins on freebsd
server: add support for RF64
cmake build system: ensure boost include path for scsynth
cmake build system: set boost library path
cmake build system: link scapp with correct version of
cmake build system: minor cleanup
supernova: fix asynchronous commands for empty reply address
common: fix non-apple builds
SuperCollider v3.5.2, released 201
Dan Stowell (3):
Remove outdated Japanese menus
Cannot use indentation for CMAKE example - on mac it is rendered
as   which then breaks cmake compilation
Fix bug in FFT library if winsize != audiosize
Jakob Leben (21):
qtcollider: fix QTextView:-background and
cmake: improve message if Qt4 or one of its components not found
qtcollider: QKnob: fix mouse response when mouseOverAction is set
qtcollider: implement missing QPopUpMenu:-background
qtcollider: QTextView fixes and improvements
help: add missing GUI examples
qtcollider: support use of UTF-8 encoded strings
qtcollider: QTextView: improve -enterInterpretsSelection
qtcollider: QTextField: never propagate Enter to parent
qtcollider: QEnvelopeView: improve node selection API and UI
help: update EnvelopeView documentation
help: fix incorrect info in EnvelopeView documentation
qtcollider: QObject:-getProperty: turn an error into a debug
qtcollider: implement drag-and-drop for data outside SC
qtcollider: improve key propagation in QListView and QTreeView
qtcollider: optimize view instantiation (take 2)
qtcollider: fix mouse wheel event being forwarded to SC for no
qtcollider: fix potential null pointer dereference
qtcollider: optimization - partially revert event handling
qtcollider: optimization - avoid a signal connection at QObject
qtcollider: optimization - avoid connecting signals with
unnormalized signatures
James Harkins (2):
Fix Pcollect/select/reject:embedInStream to pass inval to the
setTheme: Inherit colors from parent theme if the user didn't
Jonatan Liljedahl (41):
scdoc: MathJax: don't use fonts installed on users computer
New SCDoc parser and renderer. Faster, more stable, less buggy.
fix some helpfiles for new scdoc
scdoc.css update
scdoc: scapp compile fix
scdoc: defer indexAllDocuments until first use
HelpBrowser tweaks
scdoc: warn on additions for non-existent help doc
scdoc: fill in argument names for argument:: with no name given
SCDocRenderer: warn on broken links
scdoc: fix classtree:: rendering bug
scdoc: only warn on grouped methods argnames mismatch if
argument:: tag is used
scdoc: avoid GC error in primitive
scdoc: collect metadata also from *.ext.schelp (doc additions)
scdoc: warn if argument:: name does not match real method arg
scdoc: updated SCDoc related docs
scdoc: warn if classdoc title and filename mismatch
scdoc: fix varargs name match warning
scdoc: render getter/setter combinations as two different methods
scdoc: warn if setter methods (trailing underscore) is documented
scdoc: more helpfile fixes
scdoc: fix some bugs, handle class docs with missing classes
scdoc Search.html: match also on filename for 'title'
schelp: fix some broken links
scdoc: add clearCache arg to indexAllDocuments, and don't render
undocumented classes more than once per session
scdoc: updated SCDoc related helpfiles
schelp: more doc error fixes
scdoc: improve argument:: auto-fill and checks
String-warn and -error: don't print newline after WARNING: and
scdoc: tweak warnings
scdoc: fix escaping of :: in metadata parsing and block verbatim
schelp: add keywords for scdoc tags in SCDocSyntax.schelp
scdoc: allow end-of-file as newline terminator, and improve error
scdoc: use setter_() syntax if more than one argument
scdoc: render method arg defaults as "foo: val" instead of "foo =
mention new scdoc implementation in News-3_5.schelp
scdoc parser: allow empty lines before headertags
SCDoc: fix escaping of & < and >
SCDoc: fix inf loop at missing :: end-tag in code blocks
SCDoc: allow EOF as terminator for private:: and similar tags
SCDoc: don't warn on missing trailing mul & add args
Miguel Negrão (1):
[Class Libray] Quarks GUI - sort quarks by name
Tim Blechmann (10):
plugins: fix
class library: archive TempoClock as compile string
cmake build system: restrict win32-specific cflags to win32
external libraries: nova-simd update
external libraries: nova-simd compile fix
plugins: fix StereoConvolution2L constructor
scsynth: use aligned memory allocation functions from supernova
external libraries: nova-simd update
scsynth: provide zalloc as symbol
redFrik (1):
scdoc: fixed a bunch of helpfile errors
SuperCollider v3.5.1, released 2012-04
Jakob Leben (13):
windows: properly pass the SC version to NSIS
qtcollider: QPopUpMenu: fix action triggering
qtcollider: get rid of "X is not implemented" message
class library: make Server:-plotTree resilient to GUI kit
help: improve Stethoscope documentation
class library: QStethoscope2: add missing class methods
class library: fix UGen scoping on out-of-process servers
class library: PlusFreqScope: simplify server checking
class library: fix and improve various 'scope' and 'freqscope'
help: fix Stethoscope:*isValidServer documentation
class library: ServerMeter: fix synth startup and cleanup
windows: improve building and installation
Jonatan Liljedahl (6):
lang11d: Fix parse tree generation of expr.(key:value, ...) allow saving plain text .schelp files
SCDoc: copymethod:: also search *.ext.schelp files
Update News for 3.5 doc
Fix typo in News-3_5.schelp and improve StartupFile.schelp
Update WritingPrimitives.schelp regarding GC safety
Joshua Parmenter (1):
prevent HID crashes on OS X. Devices still aren't added to the
queue though (longs for the locID aren't correctly set up)
Scott Wilson (1):
Make Unpack1FFT a subclass of UGen, rather than of PV_ChainUGen
Tim Blechmann (4):
class library: SynthDef - fix uploading of large synthdefs
sclang: block evaluation typesafety
sclang: signal primitives - fix Signal-fft
SuperCollider v3.5.0, released 2012-03
Major release with many new features - please see the help doc
"News in 3.5" for more information.
SuperCollider v3.4.5, released 2012-01
Tim Blechmann (7):
class library: FreqScope fix
sclang: fix crash of scpacket overflow by using exception handling
sclang: pad PyrMethodRaw struct
sclang: force size of PyrSlot to 16 byte and fix PyrMethodRaw size
server plugins: fix div_ai_nova
plugins: Resonz - fix initialization
plugins: disable simd-optimization for tanh
James Harkins (3):
Explicitly show the command to uninstall (for scons idiots like me).
(3.4) PathName now sets tmp directory using Platform
SimpleController:update would throw error if no actions had been 'put' in
Dan Stowell (1):
Remove waf file from 3.4.x - was never used, and contains binary code, causing linux packaging problems. See ubuntu bug #529154 for details, and debian bug #529154 for sc-specific
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (1):
Fixup environment variables used for linking against readline, libicu, curl, cwiid.
Nick Collins (1):
Fix bug in MFCC ugen
Noe Rubinstein (1):
Fix PMOsc doc: index -> pmindex
dmotd (1):
Include altivec.h on linux powerpc, fixing FTBFS
SuperCollider v3.4.4, released 2011-06
Dan Stowell (4):
Improve format of copyright/GPL notices (issue raised in debian pkging)
Clarify Fontana copyright in MoogFF (and don't use keyword 'copyright' in files where he doesn't have copyright)
Update AUTHORS file
Remove unneeded PDF (debian raised query over copyright)
Nick Collins (1):
Initial fix for headphones problem where plugging in or out headphones while using Built-in Output leads to loss of audio on OS X. Aggregate Devices not tackled at this point
Tim Blechmann (15):
sclang: mathematical operators - clip2 fix
plugins: LPF - fix control-rate initialization
sclang: wii - don't use address of temporary
SCClassLibrary: ScoreStreamPlayer - do not add instances to server list
scsynth: apple - set denormal handling flags, if __SSE__ is defined
sclang: slotString - crash fix
plugins: XLine - correct handling of done actions
sclang: gc - introduce LazyCollect to avoid leak of frames and argument lists
plugins: - fix crash for high execution period
changelog: fix version number
update changelog
sclang: parser - support message send syntax for unary operators
plugins: delay ugens - rt memory allocation may fail
sclang: compile fix
SuperCollider v3.4.3
Dan Stowell (2):
SC 3.4 set correct SOVERSION 1.0.0 for libs, and install more properly. (Changes ported from downstream debian packaging.)
lib SOVERSIONs back from 1.0.0 to 1, following debian-multimedia advice
James Harkins (8):
Fix nowExecutingPath bug in scel (never backported?)
fix two bugs in NotificationCenter registerOneShot:
fix corner case in ClassBrowser
Fix asPseg bug for short curves array (which should wrap, not kill the stream)
Clear dataptr when closing a file (so that isClosed answers correctly)
Incorrectly used dataptr instead of fileptr in previous commit on this file
replace old, unsafe Dictionary test with a safer (but less OOPy) test
rats... I missed two others of the same
Joshua Parmenter (1):
update version number
Tim Blechmann (3):
scsynth: set ftz flag on osx
two commits: (1) simplify access to the superclass tree in Class. (2) when looking for a code file (openCodeFile) or cmd-J, it is now enough to select a full line, instead of havin
scons build system: libsclang build fix
SuperCollider v3.4.2, released 2011-03
* 2010-06-05 fix Latch first sample output bug: if trigger > 0 initially, latch should not output 0 - jh
* 2010-09-04 fix firstArg behavior in BinaryOpUGen by a list-approved hack - jh
* 2010-10-01 fix SConstruct so that libscsynth and libsclang get SONAME entries - ds
* 2010-11-13 grainBuf: audio-rate trigger fix - tb
* 2010-11-15 generate libsclang and libscsynth with .so.1 extension (and soname) on linux - ds
* 2010-11-15 scons create symlinks from to on linux, and install them - ds
* 2010-11-16 added .htm files to SConstruct as approved help file extension - mb
* 2010-11-28 compile fix for curl support - tb
* 2010-11-28 prevent asBus from breaking when called with no numChannels - jh
* 2010-12-03 grain ugens: demand ugen input fix - tb
* 2010-12-05 SystemClock and TempoClock sched and schedAbs with inf time doesn't schedule the task in the first place. backported from master - tb
* 2010-12-08 prString_FindRegexp fix: match char array was too short to hold null termination - jli
* 2010-12-11 fix classbrowser colors bugs. backported from master - tb
* 2010-12-12 fixes the bug where installed quark help files would not be detected - tb/ar
* 2010-12-13 mark inherited methods in class browser by background colour. backported from master - tb
* 2010-12-30 Pipe does not remove closed pipes from openFiles - jh
* 2010-12-30 fix String:rotate - pb
* 2011-01-02 unit generators: LagControl - fix initialization order - jh
* 2011-01-02 unit generators: LagControl - dynamically allocate buffer for filter states - tb
* 2011-01-07 fixed iOS compilation and backported changes from master branch - ab
* 2011-01-06 array primitives: fix allTuples and unlace - pb
* 2011-01-07 sclang: makeIntrinsicClass - correct bounds for memcpy - tb
* 2011-01-08 sclang: prString_FindRegexp - fill array after allocating objects - tb
* 2011-01-14 sclang: prString_FindRegexp ensure correct size of results array during gc calls - tb
* 2011-02-27 sclang: ensure minimum stack size - tb
* 2011-03-09 SCVim: avoid generating scvim help cache if not currently in scvim - ds
* 2011-03-11 fix the Event type 'note' (fixes rendering patterns to audio files) - rk
SuperCollider v3.4.1, released 2010-11
* 2010-07-12 remove accidental debug messages from SCView (on mac, posted a lot of info to Console, could affect performance) - ds
* 2010-07-11 Collections should behave as reasonably as possible when empty - some fixes to better this - jr
* 2010-07-11 SynthDef:add now sends to all running servers if no libname is given. SynthDescs are still added to the global SynthDescLib. If you want to handle multiple SynthDesc libs, you have to add the servers to each of them explicitly - jr
* 2010-07-12 PanAz: added support for audio-rate pos arg - lfsaw
* 2010-07-18 improved the sclang syntax highlighting parses - Patrick Borgeat
* 2010-07-30 Dreset UGen allows to reset the child UGens on its input - jr
* 2010-08-05 storeOn / asCompileString now simplifies its output. Default arguments that are given in the *new method anyhow are omitted - jr
* 2010-08-06 Dictionary merge and blend methods - jr
* 2010-08-09 method overwrite messages not posted by default, rather a message inviting people to run Main:overwriteMsg for the info - ds
* 2010-08-13 MethodOverride class to encapsule information on overridden messages, inviting people to run MethodOverride.printAll - jr
* 2010-08-13 add size arg to Signal:zeroPad - jr and jh
* 2010-08-18 Pevent now uses default event if no event is passed in - jr
* 2010-08-18 added a shortcut to the rather tedious .asCompileString method. In analogy to object.postcs, object.cs returns the compile string - jr
* 2010-08-20 audio driver for scsynth running on Android (through JNI) - ds
* 2010-08-24 un-deprecate scsynth's ability to use internal "green" FFT lib, for embedded devices etc - ds
* 2010-08-28 no 'record' button for remote server GUIs, since path not generally known - ds
* 2010-09-02 token threading for sclang interpreter - tb
* 2010-09-07 when looking for a code file (openCodeFile) or cmd-J, it is now enough to select a full line, instead of having to select both words around the colon - jr
* 2010-09-07 added methods for better navigation in the class tree (findOverriddenMethod) - jr
* 2010-09-10 add method: Complex:abs to fit common usage - jr
* 2010-09-12 added Dwrand UGen - jr
* 2010-09-15 SystemClock and TempoClock sched and schedAbs with inf time doesn't schedule the task in the first place - jr
* 2010-10-07 change the mac HID error-handler code to output errors to sc post window rather than to mac log; removes a pascal-string issue - ds
* 2010-10-19 Ndef now releses its bus when server was quit or just booted - jr
* 2010-10-20 retain the path to the file in which an error has occurred and post it - jr
* 2010-07-10 protecting the server against malformatted SynthDef names - jr
* 2010-06-28 syntaxColorize fix for double-backslashes, thanks Patrick Borgeat for the patch - ds
* 2010-07-24 catch crash in the case that one tries to define a unique method using a return value directly - jr
* 2010-09-07 UGen:clip, :wrap, :fold now apply correctly to scalar-rate signals; also methodSelectorForRate tweak for which class is asked - ds
* 2010-09-09 fix a bug for trigger signals in that hold longer than one control period - jr
* 2010-09-11 bug in audio rate mapping fixed, when new source object was inserted in a mapped node proxy - jr
* 2010-09-12 fix bug: 2994009. LFPar and LFCub audio rate modulation frequency argument work now - jr
* 2010-09-19 fix to JITGui, when numItems is not supplied - jr
* 2010-10-10 remove more crufty NSLog debug messages - ds
* 2010-10-13 fix SCUserView:receiveDrag to receive mouse co-ordinates; thanks Daniel van den Eijkel - ds
* 2010-10-19 debian-style scvim-check-if-plugin-is-active, brought upstream - ds
* 2010-10-19 bug in audio rate mapping fixed, when new source object was inserted in a mapped node proxy - jr
* 2010-10-19 partial fix for bugs item #2994009 - seems to fix LFPar but not LFCub. More work needed - ds
* 2010-10-19 DC: fix multichannel expansion - tb
* 2010-10-19 fix to demand rate unary op ugens, thanks james harkins - tb
* 2010-10-19 Ugens: LinLin/LinExp fixes - tb
* 2010-10-19 only /clearSched if RT - to fix tracker item #3033454 - tb
* 2010-10-19 UGens: binary operators - fix scalar/signal division - tb
* 2010-10-19 fix bug 2988525: SynthDef:writeDefFile appends path correctly - tb
* 2010-10-19 ProcessOSCPacket: fix possible deadlock - tb
* 2010-10-19 fix network address handling - albert graef
* 2010-11-05 fix memory issues in regular expressions: correct memory management in prString_FindRegexp - tb
* 2010-11-07 sclang: correct symlink handling - tb, ar
SuperCollider v3.4, released 2010-07
* 2009-09-03 add support for Mac OS 10.5 and greater 64-bit builds of plugins and scsynth
* 2009-07-xx iphone support by Axel Balley added - ab
* 2009-07-21 EnvirGui added, a gui for livecoding/editing environments - adc
* 2009-07-24 Server.plotTree method for visualising the groups and synths on the server - sw
* 2009-07-31 mac osx text-completion feature now includes sclang objects - ds
* 2009-08-01 sclang now has a flag (Platform.ideName) for which IDE is in use (scapp, scvim, scel, sced, jsceclipse...) so that the same class-library can be used with different IDEs, enabling IDE-specific code as necessary - ds
* 2009-08-16 add emergency escape route: if sclang is caught in an infinite loop, send it a USR1 signal to break out of it - ds
* 2009-09-12 String:findRegexp and other regular expressions now available on linux as well as mac - mb,ds
* 2009-09-18 n_order and Server:reorder allow one to specify chains of nodes - sw
* 2009-09-20 simplify the Server recording interface. prepareForRecord is now optional (will be automatically invoked if you don't), and the server gui button is now just two-state "record" "stop" - ds
* 2009-10-04 support multichannel indices for Env:at - jr
* 2009-10-29 improve OSC message correctness: for convenience, sclang allows command names as symbols with no leading slash e.g. \g_new. To improve compliance with the OSC standard, the leading slash is now added to those symbols before dispatch - ds
* 2009-11-07 use nova-simd framework for performance improvements of unit generators - tb
* 2009-11-21 Event type \note supports polyphonic sustain, lag and timingOffset, and responds correctly to free and release. Add \grain event type. - jr
* 2009-11-28 windows: system "application support path", previously hardcoded as C:\SuperCollider, now settable by environment variable SC_SYSAPPSUP_PATH. Default setting for that env var (when using official wix bundle) will be [SC3INSTALLLOCATION] - ds
* 2009-12-15 sclang: 64-bit safety - tb
* 2009-12-15 sclang: performance improvement of math ops - tb
* 2010-01-02 scsynth: use osc-compilant address patterns for server/lang communication - tb
* 2010-01-24 add readline interface to sclang command-line. This is used by default when invoking "sclang" (to use the non-readline interface set the "-i" option to something other than "none") - ds
* 2010-01-24 enable GPL3 code by default - this 'upgrades' the overall binary license from GPL2+ to GPL3+, and allows supercollider to benefit from GPL3+ libraries such as libsimdmath and gnu readline - ds
* 2010-02-04 Improvements to editor: Split pane documents, AutoInOutdent - sw
* 2010-02-18 scvim: now compatible with gnu screen, opens post window using screen, making it compatible with a pure-CLI environment - ds
* 2010-02-xx add the Deployment32-64 build style for building on OS X (10.5 and greater) - jp
* 2010-03-10 SynthDef:memStore deprecated in favour of the more coherent and typeable SynthDef:add - jr
* 2010-04-11 Moved some more experimental JITLib classes to "JITLib extensions" Quark - jr
* 2009-06-12 fix for level indicator: critical and warning now display based on peak if it is shown rather than on value - sw
* 2009-06-18 fix for mouse coordinates bug - sw
* 2009-06-22 fix for negative bounds issue in SCUserView - sw
* 2009-06-23 avoid memory corruption when unknown OSC type tags are received. Instead forward them to sclang - jr
* 2009-06-23 Fix server crash with negative buffer numbers. - jr
* 2009-07-20 factors(): no prime factors exist below the first prime - jr
* 2009-07-21 Loudness ugen now supports LocalBuf - nc
* 2009-07-23 Fix very nasty bug in Pbindf: if a key is an array, new values were written into the incoming event, instead of the outgoing event - jh
* 2009-07-28 catch unintialised value in sc_GetUserHomeDirectory(), fixing potential memory corruption if HOME not set - ds
* 2009-08-01 SpecCentroid, fix its reaction to silence (output zero instead of NaN) - ds
* 2009-08-01 NamedControl: single default value now returns instance, not array, default values are obtained in a consistent way - jr
* 2009-08-04 fix the CPU-usage issue when calling plain "./sclang" from the terminal on OSX (seems it was caused by a bug in how OSX handles poll() calls) - ds
* 2009-08-15 LinPan2: fix initialisation issue - panning was not correctly applied during the first calc block - ds
* 2009-09-28 Workaround for faded colours in HTML docs - sw
* 2009-09-13 fix PV_MagShift argument handling, so that the defaults mean no-change, matching the behaviour of PV_BinShift - ds
* 2009-09-20 warn about weirdness of Float:switch - ds
* 2009-09-30 prevent NaN output from SpecFlatness when input is silence - ds
* 2009-10-16 fix cropping issue in printing documents - cq
* 2009-10-17 many phase-vocoder (PV_) ugens previously didn't handle the DC/nyquist bins as expected. fixed most of these (PV_MagAbove, PV_MagBelow, PV_MagClip, PV_LocalMax, PV_BrickWall, PV_MagSquared, PV_BinWipe, PV_CopyPhase, PV_Max, PV_RandComb) - ds
* 2009-11-01 fix audio rate arg problem in PlayBuf - jp
* 2009-11-02 fix amplitude-convergence issue in Pan2, Balance2, LinPan2, XFade2, which could sometimes result in sound despite zero amp, as discovered by jh - ds
* 2009-11-03 fix unsafe implementation of methods that allow sending collections to buffers - jr
* 2009-11-04 fix signalRange for MouseX, MouseY and KeyState, so that the range message works now - jr
* 2009-11-19 Fix for PV chains and LocalBuf - sw
* 2009-12-14 fix uninitialised variable in Pulse (could sometimes cause small glitch on init), thanks to rhian lloyd - ds
* 2010-01-10 Demand ugens can now handle more than 32 channels, thanks Patrick Borgeat for the patch - ds
* 2010-02-05 scsynth now respects the -D commandline option when running in NRT mode - ds
* 2010-02-11 Fix for nowExecutingPath with Routines - sw
* 2010-02-23 Performance fixes for SCUserView - sw
* 2010-02-25 Fix interpolation / indexing problem in VDiskIn that caused slight pitch fluctuations - jp
* 2010-03-11 SequenceableCollection:reduce no longer returns nil if the collection has only 1 element - ds
* 2010-03-28 fix memory leak of empty command line, for interactive sclang mode - tb
* 2010-03-29 main menu for Mac lang editor app: correction to key for evaluate selection, used to be return, now return+shift - nc
* 2010-04-19 fix missing font issue in Plotter -jr
Other additions/improvements:
* 2009-06-11 Evaluate Selection menu command - sw
* 2009-06-23 allow remote apps to send type chars - jr
* 2009-06-27 build 32bit sclang on x86_64 - tb
* 2009-07-xx efficiency improvements on some UGens - tb
* 2009-07-xx improve Quarks use of svn for smoother user experience - ds
* 2009-07-22 catch the case when a user tries to compile into a synthdef, a unary/binary operator that the server can't apply - jh
* 2009-08-29 String:toUpper and String:toLower - ds
* 2009-09-06 Boolean:while now throws an informative error, since Boolean:while has no particular use but is often used in error by beginners in code where Function:while is intended - ds
* 2009-09-12 method FunctionDef:makeEnvirFromArgs allows to create template events from a function - jr
* 2009-09-30 Error is now posted if maxSynthDefs exceeded -sw
* 2009-11-03 TwoWayIdentityDictionary has a removeAt method now - jr
* 2009-11-04 update of deferredTaskInterval from 0.038 to 0.01667 - fo
* 2009-11-07 improved PyrSlot typesafety - tb
* 2009-11-23 menu system improvements in Windows IDE - mv
* 2009-12-13 tidyups for "sclang when on osx but not in" - ds
* 2009-12-13 added lincurve and curvelin methods for numbers and UGens - jr
* 2010-01-01 OSCresponder and OSCresponderNode respond equally to messages with or without preceding slash - jr
* 2010-01-04 sclang: deprecated Proutine - switch back to the original Prout
* 2010-01-06 UnitTest Quark improved, added script support - jr
* 2010-01-23 Improved NodeProxy and ProxySpace helpfiles. Added proxy composition syntax to NodeProxy - jr
* 2010-01-30 Make multichannel plotting easier. If no numChannels is given, find out automatically - jr
* 2010-01-31 add new LOOP1 macro - tb
* 2010-01-31 use c99 log2 functions for sc_log2 - tb
* 2010-02-09 rearrangement of supercollider source code tree - ds
* 2010-02-11 Server:default_ now assigns to s by default. Settable with flag - sw
* 2010-02-27 removed SCAnimationView and added SCUserView:animate_ - fo
* 2010-03-10 SCPen:setSmoothing changed to SCPen:smoothing_, harmonised change with swingosc - ds
* 2010-03-23 exponentiation for Complex numbers - jr
* 2010-xx-xx many helpfiles improved - various authors
* 2010-03-30 Image class added, a redirect for SCImage or JSCImage - hr
* 2010-03-30 Pitch ugen ability to output clarity measure (by default not activated, for backwards compat) - ds
SuperCollider v3.3.1, released 2009-06-19
* 2009-05-11 SCWindow additions for visible, visible_, unminimize - cq
* 2009-05-17 server guis (on osx) now indicate which one is currently default - adc
* 2009-05-18 enabled control rate versions of Ball, TBall and Spring - mb
* 2009-05-18 LID support for setting "MSC" state as well as "LED" on devices - ds
* 2009-06-19 patched for compatibility with Safari 4, fixing a lockup issue when opening help docs - ar
* 2009-05-11 fix keyword addressing for the order: argument - jmc
* 2009-05-15 update libsndfile to 1.0.20 to fix security issues (overflow vulnerabilities) in libsndfile - ds
* 2009-05-20 fix bug #2790649, "very large SimpleNumber:series can crash sclang" - ds
* 2009-05-25 mac icons for document types .quark .scd .rtfd were omitted from the app bundle, now fixed - ds
* 2009-06-02 EnvGen: fix off by one block latency in envelope attacks and releases - jr
* 2009-06-12 bug fix for level indicator: critical and warning now display based on peak if it is shown rather than on value - sw
* 2009-06-12 mouse coordinates fix, deprecate SCUserView:mousePosition - sw
* 2009-06-17 some issues fixed in SCUserView - cq
* 2009-06-20 fix redirect for Stethoscope - adc
Other additions/improvements:
* 2009-05-05 fixes/improvements to cocoabridge primitives - cq
* 2009-05-06 SCImage various minor improvements - cq
* 2009-05-16 optimisation for scrollview drawing, remove VIEWHACK - sw
* 2009-05-xx various documentation updates - various
* 2009-05-xx various improvements to ubuntu-debian packaging scripts - ds, am
* 2009-05-20 SynthDef:writeOnce now available as an instance method as well as a class method - ds
* 2009-06-11 gets a menu command for "Evaluate selection" - sw
* 2009-06-17 adjusted SCKnob to use relative mouse coordinates - jm
* 2009-06-17 small fix to SConstruct to allow for new Debian X11 location when compiling on linux - mb
* 2009-06-19 Blip ugen: prevent sound blowup by never letting numharm be less than 1 - fo
* 2009-06-20 SCPen: fillStroke changed default from draw(4) to draw(3) - fo
* 2009-06-21 Fold, Clip and Wrap can now modulate the low and high inputs.
SuperCollider v3.3, released 2009-04-30
* 2008-04-08 scvim is now part of the distro - ds
* 2008-04-20 improvements to MIDI sysex handling - added sysex parsing directly in source - thanks to charles picasso
* 2008-07-12 scsynth on Mac can now use separate devices for audio input vs audio output. Thanks to Axel Balley for much of the work on this, also a bit by ds.
* 2008-07-12 PlayBuf, RecordBuf, BufWr, BufRd, ScopeOut - used to be limited to 16-channel audio maximum. Now can handle massively multichannel audio - ds
* 2008-07-19 Buffer:normalize method added - ds
* 2008-07-23 FFT and IFFT added option for zero-padding, by optional "framesize" argument - ds
* 2008-09-03 new VDiskIn ugen - jp
* 2008-10-08 SCImage for manipulating bitmap image objects (mac only) - ch
* 2008-10-09 LocalBuf system to allow synths to manage their own purely-local buffers - jr
* 2008-10-17 Added "-P" option to scsynth (accessible as s.options.restrictedPath) to allow restricting which paths scsynth is allowed to read/write - ds
* 2008-10-18 new PartConv ugen, performs efficient frequency-domain convolution - nc
* 2008-10-26 support on mac for "modal windows/sheets" (for user dialogs etc) - sw
* 2008-xx-xx various behind-the-scenes efficiency improvements, for a sleeker audio server that can do more on a given machine - various contributors
* 2008-11-01 add BEQSuite filter UGens (blackrain, jp)
* 2008-11-11 add Pfxb pattern - jr
* 2008-11-25 new EZPopUpMenu - jm
* 2008-11-29 Pitch ugen can now also track the pitch of control-rate signals - mb
* 2008-11-30 Drag and drop paths from Finder to Documents and SCViews - sw
* 2008-12-03 added PV_Div ugen for complex division - ds
* 2008-12-07 added PV_Conj ugen for complex conjugate - ds
* 2008-12-15 new ViewRedirect for easier cross-platform gui syntax. e.g. Window now redirects to SCWindow or JWindow. ds & jm
* 2008-12-15 revised and updated all SC Gui documentation. New gui introduction. New SCUserView subclassing tutorial. - jm
* 2008-12-15 the /done message for Buffer allocation/free/etc now also includes the buffer index - jt
* 2008-12-15 added methods to SCFreqScope for "special" SynthDef, and for visualising frequency responses - ds
* 2008-12-18 the main windows version of sc is now called "SuperCollider" rather than "PsyCollider" (although psycollider is the name of the code editor). SuperCollider on windows now has a different (better? who knows) installer, uses the main sc3 icon, and has some other tweaks that make it different from version 3.2 - ds
* 2008-12-19 new EZListView - jm
* 2009-01-02 sced (the gedit sc plugin) is now part of the distro - mb/artem
* 2009-01-06 SendReply UGen - jr
* 2009-01-06 VDiskIn sends file position to client - jr
* 2009-01-12 map audio to SynthDef controls. new OSC messages n_mapa and n_mapan. - jp, jr, rk
* 2009-01-13 relativeOrigin=true. SC's coordinate system in container views and user views are now by default relative.
* 2009-01-15 SCLevelIndicator view added - sw
* 2009-01-16 Scale and Tuning classes added - tw
* 2009-01-17 SuperColliderAU (scsynth as a Mac OSX "Audio Unit") added to main distribution - gr
* 2009-02-03 EZKnob revised and now part of distro - br, jm
* 2009-02-23 SystemActions refactored - jr
* 2009-02-23 SCMenuItem, SCMenuGroup, and SCMenuSeparator for user customisable menus - sw
* 2009-02-23 LFGauss UGen added - jr
* 2009-03-14 Added GeneralHID based patterns PhidKey and PhidSlot - mb
* 2008-05-20 fix for the special case when 0.2.asFraction beachballs the lang (bug id 1856972) - jr
* 2008-05-20 fix slight mistake in the defaults printed by scsynth on command-line (bug id 1953392) - ds
* 2008-07-24 Routine / AppClock fix setting the clock of the thread (bug id 2023852) - jr
* 2008-09-16 stability fixes to FFT and IFFT - ds
* 2008-09-27 fix - ds
* 2008-11-11 SystemSynthDefs.numChannels can now be set from the startup file - jr
* 2008-11-24 avoid FFT failure when buffer not allocated - jr
* 2008-11-29 resolved inconsistency in Server:waitForBoot - function is always executed in a Routine, whether or not the server is booted - ds
* 2008-12-07 FlowView setting inital margin and gap fixed (bug id 1986059) - jh
* 2008-12-07 OSCpathResponder fixed (bug id 2021481) - jh
* 2009-01-08 b_readChannel fixed (bug id 1938480) - mb
* 2009-01-08 MIDIIn.connect on Linux fixed (bug id 1986850) - mb
* 2009-01-09 Tabbing in SCTextView - sw
* 2008-08-23 fix for sclang crashing sometimes when compiling erroneous code (bug id 2022297) - rb
* 2009-01-18 SCScrollView relativeOrigin glitch fixed (bug id 2508451) - jr, sw
* 2009-01-28 Fixed QuartzComposer view bounds bug - sw
* 2009-02-21 NodeProxy handles groups more consistently - jr
* 2009-04-16 asFraction fix by JMcC - jr
Other additions/improvements:
* 2008-03-22 added open Method and link handling to SCTextView - sw
* 2008-04-04 SoundFile:toCSV - ds
* 2008-04-29 buffer UGens now post a warning (rather than failing silently) if buffer channels doesn't match num ins/outs - ds
* 2008-07-14 Deprecated rendezvous in favour of zeroConf - sw
* 2008-09-xx various code improvements, including compiling for 64-bit linux - tb
* 2008-10-03 improvements to standalone build - jp
* 2008-10-03 SCEnvelopeView remembers drawing order. - sw
* 2008-10-05 Maintain initial offset when dragging on an Envelope View node. This avoids nodes jumping to a new position on mouse down. - sw
* 2008-10-05 Enabled gridOn, gridResolution, gridColor, timeCursorOn, timeCursorPosition, and timeCursorColor for SCSoundFileViews. - sw
* 2008-10-31 - sclang now can know what its process id is - ds
* 2008-11-21 support for LocalBuf in FFT UGens - jr
* 2008-11-27 SC3 will ignore ugens/class-files in folders named "ignore". Previously the name has been "test" - ignoring folders named "test" is now deprecated and will be removed - ds
* 2008-12-06 Added Main:recompile to allow recompiling from code ( only so far) - sw
* 2008-12-08 Added custom drag label for SCView - sw
* 2008-12-15 Buffer's done osc reply now includes the bufnum - jt
* 2008-12-20 Help tree in help menu (OSX) - sw
* 2008-12-24 EZSLider and EZNumber now have an enclosing containers, as well labelPosition =\left, \right, or \stack modes - jm
* 2009-01-03 Help browser text is editable/executable (CocoaGUI) - sw
* 2009-01-04 Escape exits modal and fullscreen states (OSX) - sw
* 2009-01-08 interface change to ProxySpace.stop (now stops all proxies, just like free/end/clear) - jr
* 2009-01-08 improved Ndef implementation, stores values in an internal ProxySpace, Ndef takes server names for multiple servers. - jr
* 2009-01-08 improved ProxyMixer implementation, added NdefMixer. - adc
* 2009-01-11 Added class browser to help menu (OSX) - sw
* 2009-01-20 New Cocoa based SCTextField - sw
* 2009-01-28 More helpful error string for operation cannot be called from this Process - sw
* 2009-02-23 CocoaDialog takes allowsMultiple arg rather than maxItems - sw
SuperCollider v3.2, released 2008-02-21
* 2007-11-xx new suite of machine listening ugens - Loudness, BeatTrack, Onsets, KeyTrack, SpecCentroid, SpecPcile, SpecFlatness - nc, ds
* 2008-01-06 FreeBSD compatibility - hb
* 2008-01-10 Quarks updating on OSX should now be easier for first-time users; commands are run in a separate terminal window - ds
* 2008-01-15 "Advanced find" in Mac interface - jt
* 2008-01-20 Buffer.copy changed to match other .copy methods - now copies language-side object rather than server buffer. Buffer.copyData can be used to copy data from one server buffer to another - jh
* 2008-01-20 - add volume controls to the Server and Server guis - jp
* 2008-01-xx Pattern library implementation changes, Pfx, Pbus, Pgroup etc. - rk, jr, jh
* 2008-01-26 TDuty outputs trigger first, not level. for backwards compatibility TDuty_old - jr
* 2008-02-03 moved the search location for "startup.rtf" on Mac - now searches in system, then user, "Application Support/SuperCollider" folders - ds
* 2007-11-16 bug fixes for MIDIIn in connect/disconnect methods. split MIDIOut.sysex into user method and primitive (breaks with previous implementation). default value for uid arg in - mb
* 2007-11-18 fixed a bug in prTry / protect - jr
* 2007-11-27 lock avoided in nextTimeOnGrid
* 2007-12-12 Node-setn fixed when using integers as control indices - jr
* 2008-01-16 fixed Pen: bug with fillRect, fillOval and fillColor (bugtracker id 1837775) - jt
* 2008-01-20 CheckBadValues rate-checking was too restrictive - ds
* 2008-01-20 fix for Saw and Pulse's offset noise on first instantiation, thanks to hisao takagi - ds
* 2008-01-26 TDuty / Duty does not drift anymore - jr
* 2008-02-07 Fixed hang and incorrect background drawing in Cocoa scrollviews - sw
Other additions/improvements:
* 2007-11-16 MIDIOut.connect and disconnect - mb
* 2007-11-18 added T2A UGen - jr
* 2007-11-18 Refactoring of Document class, including new CocoaDocument class to handle the Cocoa-specific ( document management - ds
* 2007-11-18 More macros available in the plugin API for UGen programmers: GET_BUF, SIMPLE_GET_BUF, FULLRATE, RGET, RPUT - ds
* 2007-11-20 UnixPlatform:arch method - jp
* 2007-11-20 FFTTrigger UGen - a ugen to create "fake" (empty) FFT chains - jp
* 2007-11-21 StartUp protects its added functions from each other - if one fails this no longer prevents others from running - ds
* 2007-11-25 added Pclutch and moved StreamClutch to common - jr
* 2007-11-27 Function:inEnvir added - jh
* 2007-12-12 added Collection.flatIf - jr
* 2007-12-15 added control rate functionality to NumRunningSynths - jr
* 2008-01-08 martin rumori's DiskIn bugfix and loop enhancement - jp
* 2008-01-10 String:runInTerminal method - ds
* 2008-01-11 poll now works for scalar ugens - jr
* 2008-01-15 Collection:maxIndex and Collection:minIndex - nc
* 2008-01-24 Server.options.rendezvous to (de)activate Rendezvous if desired - ds
* 2008-01-24 demand ugens accept audio rate inputs correctly - jr
* 2008-01-26 added Dbufwr ugen, for writing to buffers from a demand ugen chain - jr
* 2008-01-27 Main:version and associated methods for programmatically determining which version SC is - ds
* 2008-02-03 Server:defaultRecDir class variable, to allow user to specify default rec location - ds
* 2008-02-07 SCScrollView and SCScrollTopView no longer fire their action when scrolled programatically - sw
SuperCollider v3.1.1, released 2007-11-16
* 2007-11-09 re-organized the main help file - rb
* 2007-11-14 fix for .asStringPrec, to avoid crashes on intel systems for large precision values - jt
Other additions/improvements:
* 2007-11-14 added a preprocessor to the interpreter - jr
* 2007-11-14 added a startup message specifying how to get help - rk
SuperCollider v3.1, released 2007-10-31
(changes below are since 2007-09-22, for first ever point release)
* 2007-09-27 SparseArray class added - jr
* 2007-09-28 Help.gui added - ds
* 2007-10-01 FFT and IFFT rewrite - now using more efficient libs, also allows user to vary the overlap and the window type, also large-sized FFTs are possible - ds
* 2007-10-02 UnpackFFT and PackFFT added - these allow for flexible frequency-domain manipulations inside synths - ds
* 2007-10-04 Pkey and Pif added - hjh
* 2007-10-05 reformed Patterns - all patterns accept patterns as arguments - jr
* 2007-10-08 change to UGen plugin loading fixes the audio dropout issue that various users have experienced - rb
* 2007-10-08 GeneralHID crossplatform HID wrapper - mb
* 2007-xx-xx many improvements to Quarks package-management system. gui improvements, dependency-handling improvements, etc - various
* 2007-10-20 added a Glossary file - sw
* 2007-10-xx various new help files added, and many help files improved - various
* 2007-10-26 changed Cmd-? to Cmd-D in lieu of the default help menu shortcut in Leopard. Also changed Cmd-Shift-K (clear post window) to Cmd-Shift-C to avoid accidental recompiles. - rb
Other additions/improvements:
* 2007-09-22 change log added, much rejoicing
* 2007-09-25 added script to produce source code bundles - ds
* 2007-09-28 IdentityDictionary:doesNotUnderstand now warns if adding a pseudo-method which overrides a real method - jr
* 2007-09-28 String:openHTMLFile added - ds
* 2007-10-04 Integer:collect and Integer:collectAs methods added - ds/jr
* 2007-10-05 Dwhite:new and Dbrown:new have default values for lo and hi - jr
* 2007-10-10 SC no longer automatically writes data (synthdefs, archive.scxtar) to the application folder - instead writes to "app support". This fixes problems with running SC using an unprivileged user account - ds
* 2007-10-16 SequenceableCollection:median speed improvement, approx ten times faster in many cases - ds
* 2007-10-20 Object:deprecated and DeprecatedError added to allow for method deprecation - sw
* 2007-10-21 Amplitude : attackTime and releaseTime can be modulated now - jr
* 2007-10-25 Collection : histo method improved and moved from mathLib to common - jr
* 2007-10-30 improvements to cocoa Gui, including SCUserView improved to support layering and own draw hook - jt, sciss
* 2007-10-31 refactored Pbrown, added Pgbrown - jr
* 2007-09-29 takekos bug fixed (obscure issue with garbage collection in arrays) - jm
* 2007-10-01 fixed off by one bug in Dswitch and Dswitch1 that caused a server crash - jr
* 2007-10-09 fixed deadlock and other problems in NSAttributedStringAdditions.m - rb
* 2007-10-11 fixed inaccurate automatic determination of whether SC is running as standalone - ds
* 2007-10-14 .quark files now saved correctly as plain-text, not RTF - ds
* 2007-10-24 fixed a bug in Pbeta - jp
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