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#include "Common.h"
#include "Slot.h"
#include <PyrKernel.h>
#include <VMGlobals.h>
#include <PyrLexer.h>
// WARNING: QtCollider::lockLang() must be called before
void QtCollider::runLang (
PyrObjectHdr *receiver,
PyrSymbol *method,
const QList<QVariant> & args,
PyrSlot *result )
VMGlobals *g = gMainVMGlobals;
g->canCallOS = true;
++g->sp; SetObject(g->sp, receiver);
Q_FOREACH( QVariant var, args ) {
if( !Slot::setVariant( g->sp, var ) )
SetNil( g->sp );
runInterpreter(g, method, args.size() + 1);
g->canCallOS = false;
if (result) slotCopy(result, &g->result);
int QtCollider::wrongThreadError ()
qcErrorMsg( "You can not use this Qt functionality in the current thread. "
"Try scheduling on AppClock instead." );
return errFailed;
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