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# shell script to extract subset of boost
# run from the root of the supercollider repository
# required argument: root of the boost source tree
bcp --boost=${BOOST_ROOT} \
--scan common/*pp \
--scan lang/*/*pp \
--scan server/supernova/*/*pp \
--scan editors/sc-ide/*/*pp \
--scan editors/sc-ide/*/*/*pp \
--scan external_libraries/boost*/*/*pp \
--scan external_libraries/boost*/*/*/*pp \
--scan external_libraries/boost*/*/*/*/*pp \
--scan external_libraries/threadpool/boost/*/*pp \
--scan external_libraries/threadpool/boost/*/*/*pp \
--scan testsuite/supernova/*pp \
# nor do we need tests and the bjam build files
rm -rf external_libraries/boost/Jamroot
rm -rf external_libraries/boost/libs/*/build
rm -rf external_libraries/boost/libs/*/test
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