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cmake: set LIBSCSYNTH=ON by default on Windows

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1 parent 4975ec9 commit 394b324e4cf56296293cd3741b3fbadaf4d085a9 @jleben jleben committed Feb 11, 2013
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@@ -146,7 +146,14 @@ option(SSE41 "Compile with support for SSE4.1 instructions.")
option(SSE42 "Compile with support for SSE4.2 instructions.")
set(AUDIOAPI "default" CACHE STRING "Audio API to use (one of {default,coreaudio,jack,portaudio})")
-option(LIBSCSYNTH "Compile libscsynth as shared library" OFF)
+if(NOT WIN32)
+ option(LIBSCSYNTH "Compile libscsynth as shared library" OFF)
+ # libscsynth has unresolved symbols, which are resolved when linked with server executable.
+ # On Windows, this is not supported for static libraries, so we build dynamic by default.
+ option(LIBSCSYNTH "Compile libscsynth as shared library" ON)
option(INSTALL_HELP "Install help docs and examples along with the software" ON)
option(SC_DOC_RENDER "Pre-render SCDoc documentation. (For putting online, etc)" OFF)

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