Interpreter is unreachable but display says it is active. #573

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When sclang is caught in a loop, the display doesn't recognise the factual absence.

Try this:
fork { loop { } }

This may require a polling scheme like the server has, and an extra status in the GUI like "calculating ..." or similar.


well, the interpreter is active, but busy ... simply polling will flood stdin and we have no other way to determine if the language is locked, as it won't have to be the main thread, which does the infinite loop


Just to clarify previous: The issue is with asynchronous server commands. Users often rely on the gap between blocks of code being executed for async commands to complete. The IDE just appears to cue up bits of code for execution, but this makes this common practice risky.


FWIW, in any editor other than, you could always submit a new code block before the previous had finished. In psycollider this would even cause various kinds of unstable behavior, including crashes.

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