Missing functionality in Qt: Retina display #625

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smrg-lm commented Oct 24, 2012

Retina/HiDPI support for QUserView (that is a real show-stopper for me right now).
(this may be out dated?)

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telephon commented Nov 1, 2015

Is still an issue. Retina seems to be supported only for the main window, not for widgets. I'm not sure if windows with UserView are widgets internally, but they all still show the same bug in QT5 and OS 10.11.

For those who do graphics with sclang, this is quite an issue.

I found this hint: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23985143/how-do-i-enable-hidpi-retina-support-in-a-qt4-opengl-application


But where to put it? Any hint?

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telephon commented Nov 1, 2015

Here is an example:


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woutersnoei commented Dec 29, 2017

anyone still working on this? Issue #1810 is about the same problem..


brianlheim commented Dec 29, 2017

once we are using a newer version of the Qt libs it will be worthwhile to revisit it.

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