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3.6.3 STANDARD plugin API mismatch #660

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On windows 7 64bit I am not able to boot correctly the server due to some "version mismatch".

I reade elsewhere (SC Nabble) about a similar problem that occurred with the sc3-plugins project, and the cause was the change in some part of the synthdef - so the sc3-plugins need be recompiled.

But in my case such error happens when loading the standard UGENS: BinaryOpUGens, ChaosUGens, DelayUGens...


I can't reproduce that here on Windows 7, 64bit.
Does that happen if you run scsynth from command line?
If you have multiple SC versions installed, can you make sure you are running the correct instance of scsynth?


Thanks for the quick reply, Jacob.

In 2 - 3 hours I'll be back home and try. I have also 3.5 installed but on a different folder ==> maybe the reason is related to 3.5 and 3.6.3 sharing the user/extensions folder?

I'll also try re-installing everything from scratch and let you know.


OK now I got it: I removed every version and reinstalled 3.6.3 and it is working.

The problem was I had an old 3.4 installed in "C:\Program files (x86)\Supercollider" and the newer 3.6.3 in "C:\Program files (x86)\Supercollider 3.6 beta 3", and when I booted the server in SC ide it first found the older *.scx files in the 3.4 plugins directory - hence the error.

Thanks for your attention!


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