selected text gets deselected when IDE editor window gets clicked on to get it to front #677

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when the IDE window is clicked on (into the editor area) when it's not got the focus,
selected text gets deselected.
that's a glitch in the work flow for a Mac user since this is not happening with cocoa.
Is that a Qt thing? (can't verify, no Linux-ish system in reach)

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This should be fixed by commit 458eb90.
Please check the upcoming 3.6.2 bugfix release against the issue, and reopen if it is still not fixed.

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I'll do - thanks a lot!


Just checked with 3.6.2 - apparently it didn't change.
Same behaviour as reported originally.

@jleben jleben reopened this Feb 13, 2013
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Ok, I think the "fix" was incorrect.
I've now fixed the fix, so hopefully this will be solved in the upcoming SC 3.6.3.

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Fixed, reportedly.

@jleben jleben closed this Feb 13, 2013

Great! Thanks a lot!

@jleben jleben referenced this issue Aug 2, 2013
@muellmusik muellmusik scide: Don't set editor to use WA_MacNoClickThrough
When another app is active, and you click on a particular split in the IDE, you expect that split to become active.

Signed-off-by: Scott Wilson <>
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