Auto-generated link at top of tutorials eg "Tutorials>Getting-Started" should be two links not one, reflecting the navigation hierarchy #692

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danstowell commented Dec 15, 2012

Go to the home page, click the link to the gettingstarted tutorial. At the very top there's a link "Tutorials>Getting-Started" but it's a single link, whereas "Tutorials" should link to the list of tutorials, and "Getting-Started" should link to the listing of that tutorial.

@brianlheim brianlheim self-assigned this Jan 15, 2017


patrickdupuis commented Jun 2, 2017

I noticed that if you change the categories at the beginning of SinOsc.schelp from

categories:: UGens>Generators>Deterministic
categories:: UGens,Generators,Deterministic

you get a separate link for each element. Looks like the issue here is that many help files are written incorrectly.


snappizz commented Jun 2, 2017

@patrickdupuis i think that's because by using commas, you are putting it separately in the top-level categories "UGens", "Generators", and "Deterministic"

@brianlheim brianlheim removed their assignment Jun 2, 2017


patrickdupuis commented Jun 2, 2017

I see what happens now. SinOsc only appears in those top-level categories, and not in UGens -> Generators -> Deterministic.

Thanks for pointing to the relevant code @brianlheim!

@brianlheim brianlheim self-assigned this Jun 2, 2017

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