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scsynth stops when running with RME Fireface UCX #701

sternsc opened this Issue Dec 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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sternsc commented Dec 19, 2012

When I try to use scsynth 3.6.1 (Windows) together with the ASIO driver of the RME Fireface UCX multichannel device, scsynth stops after a little while and posts "RESULT = -1073741819". I can reboot the scsynth server, but the same thing happens every time, sooner or later. It seems to happen immediately when I touch the UI of the server or open the server's level meters. I get the same result on all PC's I have tried, and using either USB or Firewire. I have updated the driver to the latest 1.028 version, but to no avail. What does the scsynth error code mean? and can something be done about it?


Sten Ternström


I don't know the answer, but I'd suggest raising this question on the mailing list first, for some concrete reasons:

  • We don't know for sure yet that this is an SC bug. That seems probable if SC server is crashing while other audio apps are fine, but, for example -- #509 also looked like it could be an SC bug but it was resolved by updating the Wacom tablet driver. This type of problem needs discussion to find out what the problem really is, before bothering developers with things that they can't act on (yet).

  • The sc-users list has a handful of Windows users, who may have heard of similar problems and might even have ideas about solutions. They're not very active on github, though. Developers could really use their input, which is currently cut out of the discussion.

FWIW I do see that the SC site's invitation to use the bug tracker leads to a train of thought such as, "I have a problem -- log it on the tracker" instead of "ask other users." In practice, the former is often not so effective.


sten, please try to be as precise as possible when reporting bugs. e.g. only mention the RME, if the error is related to the device. if the error also appears with other devices, there is no point in mentioning it.
and please give detailed instructions on how to reproduce the error, otherwise nobody will be able to help you. feel free to reopen, if you can provide a step-by-step description or a reproducer

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