Convolution2L bug #723

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I am pretty certain that Convolution2L has a bug in it, at least judging from the results it gives me, and from a comparison to Convolution2.

If you listen to the example below, which convolves noise with a Low-Pass filter kernel, you will here some glitches (clicks) on the 2L that do not exist in Convolution2, and which make the UGen unusable.
I'm on osx, running 3.6.2, but I remember this kind of problem from 3.4.

// load the kernel - and use the file that can be downloaded from here: (you'll need to set the path, of course)

b =, " ")

// synth to listen to both UGens
x = {|kernel, xfade = 1, switch = 0|
var trig, sig, conv;
trig =;
sig =;
conv =,
[, kernel, trig, 1024),, kernel, trig, 1024, xfade)]
}.play(s, [\kernel, b])

x.set(\switch, 1); // glitches (Convolution2L)
x.set(\switch, 0); // glitch-free (Convolution2)

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